December 18: Chuck Weldon

December 19, 2010 was a first for me. I was acting as a guide for the first time. Jason Bowers and Matt Bullins had made the long journey from Virginia to Missouri to join their fellow Team Reconyx members. After a few hunts with John and Roscoe proved to be unsuccessful, they made the hour long drive north to my home town of Gallatin Missouri. We spent an afternoon laughing, doing some filming in mine and Steve's home town, then prepared for an afternoon hunt.

Jason and John would be sitting our east farm over a standing bean and biologic field. Our buddy Jeremy and Steve would be sitting a big Biologic field at the other end of the farm. Matt Bullins and I were going to hang a camera stand above an old ladder stand next to a standing bean field. The wind for all three hunters could not be more perfect. Matt and I arrived at out location only to find no shooting lanes and a tree too tough to hang our Big Game tree stand in. After sweating through everything I had on, I told Matt that I had a stand 80 yards from here; so let's go there.

The wind was marginal at best, I had sweated through my Scent Blocker Pro Suit and my feeling was we were just putting in our time and we did not expect to see anything. Hunting nearly every day for the last the 30 days and not seeing a shooter, I expected this night to be no different. By late into the hunt we had seen a few does in the distance and I received a text from a friend that said he found some fresh scrapes. Desperation had set in and I told Matt that I was going to grab my MAD Growler and grunt. To my surprise and doe cam running out at about 175 yards. I grunted again and it appeared she was going to come right in. I told Matt I had shot five doe's the week prior and was not afraid to do a little more management.

I hit the MAD Growler once more and saw another deer with its head up looking and coming our way. I told Matt; that's a buck and I think it's a shooter! After a little more calling and losing the buck in the brush, he appeared at the edge of the creek bank at 30 yards directly down wind. Matt said light was fading fast and it was now or never. Although the video appears that the deer is slightly quartering towards us, I actually had a different angle than Matt, which was nearly a broad side shot. I released the green luemonk tipped Bow Madness arrow and the Rage broad head lead missile found it's mark.

After reviewing the footage at the house and from a unanimous vote from my team, it was tracking time. Team Reconyx hit the woods and eventually laid our hands on a broken up yet beautiful four year old whitetail. Our eleventh team buck and my third of the year. Truly a Dream Season for me!! To share my farm and home to not just my team mates but now my friends highlighted my biggest deer season to date!

Thanks Friends!
Chuck Weldon
Team Reconyx