December 17: James Adkins (Joe Shults Good Friend)

After 3 years of scheduling conflicts this year it all finally lined up and my good friend James Adkins drew an IL archery tag and we where able to hook up for a last season archery hunt. We knew that with the snow and cold weather that food would be the key to our success.

James is a fellow Tennessee boy that is a pitcher for the Dodgers organization. He attended the University of
Tennessee and lives in Mt. Juliet just outside of Nashville. He loves the outdoors and when Pam and I invited him up to hunt he jumped at the opertunity. He has been a fan of Drury Outdoors for years and he was hoping that his dream of killing a buck on film would come true on this hunt.

We had a spot on a 60 acre cut corn field that we needed a southerly wind to get to hunt and I knew if we where lucky enough to get one we would have a good chance of making James dream come true. The morning of the 18th when I checked the weather on the internet it said the wind was coming around and for the evening hunt we were going to have a SE wind which was perfect for the Quad Pod set.

That evening we headed out to the spot we had been waitng to get to hunt. After bragging about this spot and only one more day to hunt the pressure was building on me because I wanting to make James dream turn into a reality! After we got settled in we started seeing a few doe start to filter into the field. We had been watching a 2 year old buck bumping some doe around the field when I looked up and seen a 3 years old following a yearling doe and they where coming right to us!

As the buck worked his way into range James reached for hie PSE and came to full draw. When I told him to kill him the arrow found it's mark and the buck ran out of sight. During all that they were 2 mature doe still standin within range and James quickly got anothert arrow knocked and drew and released another perfect shot and the doe was going down on film!

James was so excited and his dream had finally turned to reality in a matter of 1.5 minutes. Not only did he take a buck on film but did something that is not that common and that is he took a double and filled his tags in a short peroid of time with archery tackle! Congrats to James on an awesome hunt and both kills are slams and James and I are looking forward to sharing them with all of you and we hope that it was exciting for you all as well!!!

Pam and I are glad that we could be apart of James hunt and makes his dream become reality and it will be a memory that I will never forget!!!!