At 2:00 on Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010 Jim (my husband,) Adam Keith (excellent cameraman) and myself headed out for our 4th night of hunting at Mark’s –Missouri Farm. We had such a fun-filled weekend with 3 Bucks harvested in 3 days. Could I really be lucky enough to make it number 4?

Mark had told Linda that a surprise visitor would be joining us for the weekend and low & behold, was it ever a surprise of a lifetime.. “Gary Levox ( Rascal Flatts leader singer). He was such a nice and funny down to earth guy. He talked about his wife and children with great pride. Both Gary Levox & Joe Schultz A Drury OUTDOOR TEAM MEMBER upon their departure wished me luck and reassured me that I would drop one dead.

My sister, Linda, and I have always been close but of course there is a little rivalry between us, this weekend it was to see if one could outdo the other. Linda got a real beauty -8 pt buck on Monday night. We were scheduled to go home on Tuesday.

Mark said the deer would really be moving because a weather front was coming in. He also said you are here now, what’s one more day. Sooo…. We stayed. ( Both Linda and I are teachers and were on Christmas break and Jim just recently retired) Why not? All we had to worry about was getting preparations ready for Christmas.

About 3:30 into our hunt on Tuesday out comes a small spike buck, then another small buck, then around 8 does and then came out the big bodied 7 pt. buck. Mark had been watching this buck for years on his camera’s .MG was his name.

I put my Omega Thomas Center Arm quietly out the window. Then one of the smaller bucks started blocking my shot – I waited. Low and behold a large doe comes over and nuzzles the buck nose. I watched the little game they were playing with each other with huge eyes, as they made their way closer up field. Finally, the moment I was waiting for. MG turned broadside. He only had 7 horns but he was bigger built than all the deer on the field and his hide was much darker.

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to come out of my chest. My husband kept saying, “You got him in your scope?” “You got him in your scope? I yelled quietly, “Shut up!” I was nervous enough. I’ve never even aimed at a buck before! It wasn’t long before Adam the cameraman says “I’m on him.” I slowly took off the release safety on my muzzleloader. I took a long deep breath, and pulled the trigger. The smoke cleared and I saw him immediately fall. My bullet entered right behind the shoulder blade. The deer known as MG was down. I heard my husband yelling. “Yes, Yes, Yes! I started shaking and crying and saying oh my God! I just got my First Buck. What a Thrill!!!!!

While I enjoyed my nights of hunting, I felt fortunate just to sit and enjoy the beauty of our world. Our encounters gave me a feeling of peacefulness. I was thankful to have the opportunity to spend time with my Brother Mark, Husband Jim and sister Linda. Mark’s wife Tracy and daughter had been there over the weekend and they helped host the hunt. Mark’s 2 amazing cameramen, made our trip so delightful too. They were the politest, hard working, young men who had manners out of this world. So Mark , Tracy and Taylor thanks for all your hospitality. I had a blast!

A special Thanks brother for giving me such a memorable trip and you made my Christmas so special when you gifted me a mount. My deer will now be hung on my living room wall next to my husband Jim’s 10 point he killed a few years back.