This story begins several years back as Jason and I met Drew Brown from Jackson, Ohio. We met Drew one summer through a mutual friend who he was visiting in Virginia at the time. What we didn’t realize is that he would eventually become one of our closest friends and we would be sharing hunting camp with him each season. Jason and I had visited and hunted with him in the Buckeye State the previous two seasons and looked forward to continuing the tradition this year.

With every intention of making the journey north to Ohio this fall, we found our schedules vastly booked. As Drew was aware of our scheduling conflicts and inability to make the trip, we decided to invite him to Virginia to hunt with us in late December. After finalizing the dates and plans, my phone rang a couple of weeks later and it was Drew. He wanted to know if he could bring his girlfriend Brittney Sims to hunt, instead of him. Brittney had hunted all season in Ohio in hopes of taking her first deer, buck or doe, and had been unsuccessful. ABSOLUTELY, I said. We’ll do our best.

Drew and Brittney arrived in Virginia on December 28th and we proceeded to the farm to show them around. After successfully buying her hunting licenses later that night, we mapped out a game plan for the next evening’s hunt. We would be hunting a box blind that overlooked a small food plot with standing Biologic Trophy Oats between two big ridges. Jason and I were quite confident that she would have the opportunity to harvest a mature doe.

On the evening of December 29th, we made our way to the box blind and the conditions were perfect. After several inches of snowfall a couple of days prior, the sun was bright and it had warmed up enough to melt some of the snow off the food plot. After what seemed like and eternity, Jason and I looked at one another with an expression that we both feared. There were no deer in sight and the evening was fading fast. At around five o’clock, Brittney spotted the first deer heading our direction.

With a quick glance, we realized to our astonishment, that it was a nice buck. Everyone was speechless, and Drew asks if she could shoot it as we were actually doe hunting. We gave her the okay, and she steadied the TC Pro Hunter on the window. After several seconds, Jason had him framed through the window glass and gave her the go ahead. She cocked the hammer and flat throttled her first deer, an eight-pointer, at forty-five yards. The deer ran about eighty yards and fell over.

Excitement was an understatement as to our reactions of what had just taken place. Jason and I had hunted at home all season and hadn’t taken a buck. Drew and Brittney drove from Ohio and killed one the first evening. Magic was in the air, and old lady luck sure shined brightly on the Virginia Boys that day. What a way to cap off an already Dream Season for us as to have the opportunity to successfully introduce someone into the sport of hunting. Also, to be able to make it happen at home with great friends: priceless. Brittney, I hope you’re ready to come back next year. Who knows, Jason and I might actually be expecting to kill a buck if you do. Congratulations on your first deer. I hope it was as exciting for you guys as it was for us.

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Matt Bullins
Captain: Team Reconyx