December 25: Mark Dittmer

Finally...SNOW! The perfect Christmas present. We’d been waiting all year for cold weather and snow. Finally it was here! It was Christmas Day, the temperature was 75 degrees with no wind at all...that’s because we were inside. There would be no hunting on Christmas. We spent the whole day with family, opening presents and eating like pigs. I looked out the window every 30 minutes or so, knowing that the next couple of days would be productive.

The morning of the twenty-sixth it was still cold, 15 degrees and an NW wind at 10mph. My dad was the hunter today. We were going after his first deer. We bundled up in the warmest clothes we owned and headed out. We sat on the ground that morning overlooking a two acre standing bean field. The only luck we had was not freezing to death. I think the deer had the same ideas we had...lets go back to bed.

The evening looked to be perfect. It had warmed up to 20 degrees with the winds out of the NW and 10mph. We suited up with all the same warm clothes and headed out. We went to the same bean field, but this time we sat in a stand. We had deer in the beans within 30 minutes....and some minor frostbite too. Dad and I both knew a shooter would show up. It was just a matter of time.

There was less than an hour of daylight left when dad spotted a buck. He was deep in the woods with a decent size group. I got the video camera on him, zoomed in, and recognized the buck immediately. I had numerous reconyx pictures and some good video of him a week prior. This was the perfect deer for my dad! The buck browsed awhile in the woods and then made his way into the bean field. Stepping out at 100 yards, dad pointed the Thompson Center Triumph with the Nikon BDC scope down range. When he stopped broadsided, dad settled the crosshairs, and dropped him on the spot.

It was a very special day for both of us. My dad, at age 55, had just killed his first deer, less than one-quarter of a mile from where I killed my first deer, 16 years ago. I couldn’t have been more proud. It was one of the best hunts I had ever been on.

One more buck down for team Reconyx!

Story as told by Jon Dittmer

Jon Dittmer
Team Reconyx