January 26: Dylan Koyn (Catch A Dream Recipient)

Little African Safari

This year the Catch-A-Dream hunt at Tara Wildlife was a little different than in years past. This year Mark and Terry Drury would not be joining Dylan Koyn on his gun hunt at Tara. Terry was at home sick with the stomach flu and couldn’t make the trip to Mississippi...and Mark, Tracy, Taylor, and Matt were stuck in Memphis on a flight layover. Mark called and asked if Joe foster (Mark’s cameraman) and I would film the hunt. Needless to say we were excited to have such a privilege!

After sighting the Thompson Center in with Bobby Culbertson (head guide at Tara), we were ready to roll out to the blind. This isn’t just any blind however, this is a very special Catch-A-Dream spot that only one person gets to hunt with a gun per year. Tara Wildlife is over 16,000 acres and this is the only rifle permitted on the whole property!

Once we were settled in the blind, deer started pouring out everywhere. I’m not sure who was getting more excited – Bobby, or Dylan - but you could tell they were having a blast. Bobby calls this spot “Little Africa” because of all the deer that frequent this wheat field throughout the day, and it was pretty evident because it wasn’t even 4 p.m. yet and there were over 100 deer in the field. Most of them were out of gun range for Dylan, but it wasn’t long before a nice buck popped out of the timber and started heading towards us. At 162 yards the buck paused to feed and Dylan put on an impressive sniper shot with the T/C! The buck barely made it out of the field before crashing and the celebrations began - Dylan had just harvested his first buck ever!

Back at camp, Dr. Marty Brunson and Dylan’s family were very happy and emotional after the successful hunt. His brother – Matthew – was probably the most excited, and said that “his dream came true as well”.

It was an absolute pleasure having the Koyn family in camp this year. They are a shining example of a genuine, kindhearted family and we enjoyed their company. Also, a big thanks to Dr. Marty Brunson, Catch-A-Dream, Bobby Culbertson, and the whole Tara staff for their southern hospitality. We couldn’t do it without you!

As told by Aaron Bennett