The date was January 25th, and after a long work-week, the Michigan boys entered their final destination for Dream Season Workin’ Man into the GPS--Tara Wildlife, located in the beautiful state of Mississippi.

After a fourteen hour drive we finally arrived at the entrance of Tara Wildlife, quickly entered the gate access code, and proceeded to the lodge where we were greeted by good friends from the opposing team, Team Recoynx and, of course, the rest of Team Mossy Oak Properties.

We began to unload and get settled in when we were all introduced to a man by the name of Bobby Culbertson. First impressions are memorable. His uncanny story-telling ability won us all over in the first ten minutes of our meeting. There’s never a dull moment with Bobby nearby.

Day one belonged to the amazing editor of Dream Season Workin’ Man,-Jacob Synder. The assignment was to complete all of our green screen interviews. Later that evening Bobby sat us all down to introduce us to the guides, inform us on regulations, and let us know when the hunting was to begin.

Our guides, Jake Williams and Jason Cooper, would be taking us to the Halpino property, which was one of three incredible properties at Tara Wildlife.

Day two was a morning hunt in the timber where we had only seen one six point and three does. Arriving back at the lodge in the early afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting the Koyn family. Dylan Koyn was the child chosen for the Catch-A-Dream hunt. Supporting Dylan was his Mom, Dad, and his amazing younger brother Mathew.

After lunch Jake and Jason quickly had us back in the stand by 2 pm. They had informed us about a big 8 point in the area and put us over a food plot, just inside the timber in a couple Big Game tree stands at thirty six feet high. The Michigan boys felt right at home at that altitude, and settled in for the evening. It wasn't long before deer after deer came out from the timber to the food plot. With 2 shooters in the field and not one close enough to shoot the evening hunt was over.

Arriving back at camp we got the word that Dylan shot a nice buck and we began to celebrate. Check out his story on the journal just before this entry. Way to go Dylan!

There would be no hunting the next morning as it was the infamous skill challenge between Team Mossy Oak Properties and Team Recoynx. Be sure to tune in to Dream Season Workin’ Man in June 2011 to see how this unbelievable challenge unfolds!

Later that evening we anxiously returned to the same set that we were in the night before and it wasn't long before the deer started to appear. The buck we called “7/11” A.K.A “7Up” entered the food plot like clockwork, just as our guide Jake predicted. He was a narrow racked, heavy massed 7 point, with the attitude of an 11 point. He did it all for us, from sparring with other bucks, nosing a licking branch, making a scrape, to even chasing does.

The break we needed happened. We were surrounded with deer and the buck finally came into the corner we were in. Confident in the stand set, we remained calm, and made 100% sure this buck met the requirements of a shooter set forth by Bobby and Tara Wildlife.

With everything happening so fast, the buck slipped past us not once, but twice before the decision was made to harvest him. One last attempt to get by us proved to be his final walk. The Nikon Rangefinder read 22 yards, the 2-Blade rage was poised for launching, and Ernie gave me the green light to shoot. Then, finally, on my next-to-last hunt for Dream Season Workin’ Man, a well placed shot, delivered from the new PSE EVO bow, filled my Mississippi tag!

Not only did we harvest a great buck, and lay down some great footage, but we got to experience it all with close friends.

Special thanks to Tara Wildlife, Bobby Culbertson, Jake Williams, Jason Cooper, the entire Dream Season Workin’ Man cast and crew, the Koyn family, our families, and especially to the Drury's for a season that will forever be remembered.