Snow day + Cabin Fever + bored teachers = songdog fever! Usually one of the best reasons to become a teacher is June, July and August--while these 3 months off are great- it makes getting time of in the fall very hard to come by. However, enter a few snow days in the mix and coyote season in full bloom, and we have been chasing them nonstop.

Although Nikon proclaimed last week as "Coyote week", I have to think for us it was the first week of February. I had killed one during muzzleloader season while deer hunting and a second back a few weeks during IL late season doe days but we were looking to match up with last year's total of 5. Since JJ has his first child coming at any time, we knew are hunting time was limited to say the least.

On Saturday morning we got set up and had one backdoor us and were unable to close the deal, Wednesday night JJ called 2 into the corn field we were set up on and I somehow managed to miss one at 200 yards. We went back and watched the footage of the bullet sail harmlessly over his back. Despite it not being a big buck, I couldnt get the miss out of my head.

The next day we called our good teacher buddy Brett and headed out with him on some of his farms. During the first setup a pair came into the field and I was able to kill the lead dog while JJ filmed it all and Brett helped out. Fast forward a 1/2 hour later to the second setup and once again it just looked right. About 10 minutes after JJ started in, a single dog came into the field to check out the Lone Howler and our rabbit decoy setup. He paused just a little too long and once again the .270 did it job. I finally redeemed myself for my miss the night before. With all of this ice and snow on the ground, the dogs are really out looking for food currently. Hope to get out back after them this weekend. Big thanks to our buddy Brett for letting us hunt his farm! Good luck and go try your hand at some song dogs this off season!

Kyle and JJ