November 13 found Keith and I back in Illinois still on cloud nine from dads giant 181 several days earlier. Little did I know as I headed out for the morning hunt I would soon experience the best morning of my life in the deer woods.

Soon after sun up a doe came walking down the ridge and to my delight a 170 class 10 point was on her trail. The two stayed out of range and held up in the hollow below me. I grunted at the buck to try and bring him up the hill but he would not budge. My grunt did not go ignored though, as a young 8 point came crashing in. This did get the attention of the big 10 and up the hill he came to run off the younger deer. The two circled and postured each other and although he was in range and I was at full draw the old buck never stepped into an opening. Soon the young 8 pt retreated and back down the hill the victorious 10 pt strolled.

I knew I had missed my opportunity. I turned to my cameraman and as I was halfway through crying in my soup about the missed opportunity I heard a dear walking on the other side of the tree. I peeked around the tree and could not believe my eyes as anther giant buck was headed straight for us. We quickly regrouped and within seconds the deer was at 20 yards. I stopped the buck and the rage broad head entered right behind the shoulder. I had just killed one of my biggest bow bucks ever and I could not believe what had just happened within a few minutes time. But, this hunt keeps going.

As my cameraman and I are celebrating a great hunt and a great buck we were interrupted by the sound of deer crashing through the woods. I see four does are heading straight for us. I have an unfilled doe tag in my pack so I pick the big lead doe and at 20 yards send an arrow through her heart, she goes down at 50 yards. I turn to my cameraman and as I am describing what just happened my cameraman stops me and says here hears grunts behind him. I look around the tree and and about fall out of my stand. The does were in a hurry because at giant 170 class 8 point is pushing them. I know this deer well and believe him to be 8 or 9 years old. I can't believe it. He strolls in to 15 yards and stands there staring down the does that were still trying to figure out what had happened.

The big buck slowly made his way to the does and noticed the doe I had shot laying on the ground a short distance away. He walked to her and stood by her as if waiting for her to get up. In the meantime the other three does made there way back to the tree I was in. As I am watching the giant buck standing guard over the downed doe I here a deer crashing in off the field edge. Another mature buck enters the scene. As the giant 8 point stood vigil over the downed doe at 50 yards this 145-150 inch 10 point chased the other three does around right behind the tree. Within a few minutes the 10 point and does were off running through the woods and the big 8 point realized there was no romance in store for him and he slowly walked off into the hollow. That concluded the best deer hunt of my life and I was off to collect my buck and doe.

I know this sounds like a "deer hunting story". I killed a 161 inch buck and he was only the third biggest buck I saw in a 20 minute time span. I don't even know if Keith and my dad would have believed me. So, my thanks to Jeff Elbl for doing a great job behind the camera and laying all this down on video. Thanks to you Jeff I will enjoy this morning over and over again!