November 17: Roxanne Propst

As told by Jeff: THE 3RD TIME'S A CHARM BUCK!

I am extremely fortunate to have a loving wife that really loves deer hunting, Roxanne has been anticipating the opener of MO Firearm season all fall, and finally the wait was over. On Opening day, with cold temperatures, spitting snow and sleet and high winds, we set in our cozy box blind all day long without coming out, it turned out to be one of the best days we have spent in the woods, the bucks were on the move all day, we seen at least 15 bucks, classic rut activity was happening, bucks following does, all around us, scraping, grunting, you name it we saw it, it was an awesome day of deer hunting, we saw two different shooters, but unfortunatly Roxanne was not able to get the shot made on either of them.

Sunday morning broke clear and cold, and we were in for another good day of buck movement, but some bad luck happened and about 9 am we had a nice shooter buck enter the cut bean field, and Roxanne missed him at about 175 yards, she was dissapointed to say the least but quickly brushed it off and we resumed hunting all day.

Monday morning was slow for us, we seen very little movement in the morning hours but the afternoon hunt, things kicked in gear, we seen several bucks throughout the afternoon hours and about 4 pm, a buck that I knew well, a 9 point that I had several Reconyx pictures of entered the beanfield to the east, I had placed the Boss Babe doe decoy in the center of the bean field, and he was on his way directly to it, Roxanne was on the buck, and he came to 46 yards, and for reasons neither one of us can explain, she shot over his back, naturally we were both very dissapointed, but we were not going to give up!

Tuesday morning God gave us an absolute gorgeous morning, 18 degrees, crystal clear skies, light wind, we were back in our box blind, slow movement was the story of the morning as we seen very little movement, I felt that the midday/afternoon movement would be good with the moon bright at night, and sure enough between 11 and 12:05, we saw 4 bucks, 2 of them shooters. At 12:05 I was eating a sandwich, and looked out the blind window, and spotted a doe walking out of a timbered draw into the corner of the beanfield, I whispered to Roxanne to get her gun ready that a buck may be following, I no sooner said that when the big 9 point made his way into the field! I recognized the buck immediatly ,and Roxanne made an awesome shot with our new TC Endevour .270 and the buck only traveled about 60 yards! The buck was an old mature buck that would weigh over 250 lbs live weight.

What a absolute great time I had hunting with my wife and hunting companion Roxanne, we enjoyed our time together so much, and she was so thrilled to take her big buck, and what a story it was, done in true Drury Outdoors fashion!