What a whirlwind span of a month I’ve had! On October the 19th I harvested my first buck with a bow in 12 years and on November 15th we broke out the ScentBlocker blaze orange jackets and I had the pleasure of filming Terry’s 154” Missouri firearm season rifle kill! Well, I was yet again up to bat and Terry was behind the camera once again to help me try and harvest another mature whitetail in Northern Missouri.

On Sunday November 16th we decided to hunt a box blind that we hadn’t set in all year…and much to my surprise we saw a shooter within the first hour of sitting there! It went south pretty quickly from there however and we sat the rest of the day with little activity outside of a few does and young bucks coming to the Biologic field for a snack.

The morning of Monday November 17th rolled around and upon our entrance in to the set we were going to we thought we saw a nice buck standing in the field ahead of us. Yet again we had an anticlimactic ending to our several hour sit…with only a couple of does and several flocks of turkeys to account for. We decided to head back to the bunk house for a quick bite to eat around 12 then head back in to a different set for the afternoon hunt.

The weather was finally cooperating and we had the first high pressure day of the season. With the temps in the mid to upper 20s we couldn’t ask for more. We made our way back out around 12:45 and upon arriving in our box blind much to our surprise there was a heck of a buck at the end of the field with a group of does and another buck. After I threw the Nikon Dream Season Bino’s up to check him out I couldn’t help but hope that the Biologic Maximum that we were sitting over might draw him in later that afternoon.
We saw deer up on their feet the whole time we were there and it just felt like something would soon pop out.

Terry had planted this particular spot for an upcoming episode of Wildlife Obsession’s “What Worked For Me” segment. He had a bean field that had extreme brow pressure during the summer so he disked it up and replanted it with Biologic Maximum. He also planted an inside corner with Trophy Oats that was surrounded by a cornfield. All of this was surrounded by timber.

I looked out at this food plot architecture…and 3 does were standing in the Maximum! They kept looking back and all of the sudden a fourth doe popped out of the corn and in to the Trophy Oats. The whole time they were standing there in the Biologic they kept looking back like something was yet to pop out. Soon after, two bucks appeared out of the corn like Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie Field of Dreams. I had been looking in the corn with my Nikon’s and I never saw them until out they came! I was amazed to say the least.

After watching the bucks nudge the does around and get their fill of Maximum in the mean time Terry and I decided that not only was one of them a mature buck, but that the one in question had showed up numerous times on Terry’s Reconyx cameras. He had a gorgeous rack and was posing over and over for the camera. He presented me with a 50 yard quartering away shot and the Thompson Center did the rest. I took the shot and he didn’t run 80 yards!

We had a great couple of days in the Missouri deer woods and yet again left with a camera bag full of used tapes and a head full of awesome memories.

What an awesome month! -Matt