November 7: Larry Steward

On the way home from this year's annual Drury Outdoors fall meeting I made it my goal to film my dad kill his first racked buck with a bow. I figured having a new PSE in his hands would increase his odds and I was going to stick with him until our goal was accomplished(even though I thought it would take all season). Dad was unable to hunt most of October so I felt this goal getting tougher to reach. But, I knew November was still on the calender and anything can happen.

I had 6 days planned away from the office and we were off to the races. We started seeing bucks from the first day. On the evening of the November 7th we had a great encounter with a familiar 10pt and was busted by a doe while coming to draw on a stud 9pt using the Flambeau "Boss Babe." We knew after seeing the rut activity it was time to bust into the security cover the next morning.

We had no longer had camera light and I heard the magical and unmistakable sound of a deer steadily walking towards our set from out of the security cover. Dad spotted the buck first and was on full alert waiting for his chance to capitalize on our goal.

The buck stopped for a moment trying to spot us in the tree but the new Mossy Oak Treestand pattern did it's job. The buck broke and headed towards us to get a drink. He stopped in a perfect lane and Dad touched off the trigger. The buck spun and whirled so quickly we were unsure about the shot. but after climbing down and finding a large amounts of blood we began the track job. Our hopes were diminishing after the buck traveled a long distance and traveled on to the neighbors farm. A phone call to the landowner and we got the go ahead to continue our search.

We decided to back out and review the hit in slow motion on the big screen. We felt the hit was fatal and with the size of the entry hole from the Rage we would find the buck. We returned to find the end of the blood but no buck. We elected to hunt the next morning with a plan to climb down early and again continue the search. On the way to the farm we got a phone call from the landowner saying he had found our buck. We rushed over for him to lead us to the end of our goal. There not 150 yards form where we had previously stopped searching was dad's 3 1/2 year old 8 point! His reaction after the shot was everything I could have imagined. It goes to show it doesn't matter how old you are, it's never too late for a Dream Season!