November 21: Randy Thome

Randy Thome 183 buck - Written by Terry Drury

There’s more then one designated hitter in the Thome lineup when it comes to whitetail hunters. Brothers Chuck and Randy keep the inning going as it is now Randy’s turn and up to bat.

The first firearms season in Illinois is usually productive for team Thome. With Jim acting as skipper and negotiating the line up card, Randy’s sure to get something to hit and indeed he does! Surprise, surprise just as one might think a seasoned veteran like Jim calls for a squeeze play and Randy’s got to make contact at the plate. By putting Randy in a phenomenal spot he is sure to see a big fat fastball right over the heart of the plate.

Jim made the perfect call when this 183 inch gross whitetail saunters in at 30 yards. Randy foul tips the first pitch! After a quick glance to the heavens above Randy steps back into the batters box. Here’s the wind up and the pitch, it’s a long one down the right field line… it might be, it could be, it is, a home run for team Thome! After a celebration in the clubhouse with high fives all around the phone lines light up over this 183 Illinois monster. Team Thome makes the playoffs.

Now with the series ahead stay tuned they are just getting started. Big Jim is up next inning with second season and late muzzleloader ahead we are expecting a towering shot out of the park. Team Thome is getting it done.