November 23: Chris Propst

Whitetails in the Cowboy State

Dad and I headed west to Wyoming on Friday November 21st for our second group hunt for Dream Season 6 Redemtion, we were fortunate to win this hunt as part of the Dream Season show for season 6 and we were pumped!

After a long drive, we arrived in Hulett Wyoming, we were staying at Devils Tower Golf Course where we met our hosts for the hunt, Rick and Julie Krueter, They had us set up to stay at the golf course in a beautiful house right on the fairway! Talk about a cushy camp, we were blown away!

After unloading all our gear and getting ready for our hunt, we shot our bows, and settled in for the evening having a great visit with Rick and Julie.

We were hunting with a new outfitter Mike Schmid, of Solitude Ranch, what a setup he has, Mike is managing his ranch for archery and muzzleloading hunting only, and is definetly growing some big western whitetails! The first morning and evening we set up near the corner of an alfalfa and oat field in a perfect pinch point, we saw many deer, but did not have a shot opportunity. On the evening hunt, we spotted several bucks and does using a point of timber that ran out of a canyon into the alfalfa, and we asked Mike if we could set there the next evening, he was more than happy to accommodate us, as a matter of fact he had bowkilled a 150 plus buck out of the same tree we were going to hunt on our second evening.

Day 2 in the morning, Mike took us back in the timber to catch the deer coming back from the food source, and we again saw several deer, both Mule Deer and Whitetails, we did not encounter any shooters, but still seen a lot of movement. The second evening would prove to be awesome, we got set up on the point where we had spotted all the deer the first night, and as usual, we were seeing a lot of deer right away, about 3:45 I spotted a great buck enter the field to the south, and whispered to my Dad there is a giant that just walked into the field. The buck was following a doe, and steadily making his way towards us. The buck and doe kept coming, but they started feeding away from us, and we thought we were not going to get a shot. I was bowhunting and also had the TC Prohunter in the tree with us, as rifle season was open.

Shortly after the deer fed over a high spot in the field, he reappeared, and was following the doe right to us! He was following a doe and feeding in the middle of about 40-50 Merriam turkeys, it was an awesome sight! The buck continued to feed and follow the doe towards us, and I was holding out for a bowkill, when he got to about 85 yards he started acting like he was getting a little nervous, and Dad whispered to me Chris take the gun and kill that buck before we lose him!

I made the switch , I hung up my bow and grabbed the Prohunter off the hook and dropped the great buck in his tracks! What an incredible hunt, the scenery was awesome, you could see Devils Tower in the background and Dad captured one of the best kills we have ever layed down on film. Thanks so much to Rick and Julie Krueter and Mike Schmid of Solitude Ranch, it was truly a hunt to remember!