November 28: Kimberly Crabtree

First Time:

At the start of this year's deer season, it was not only our goal to have a productive season, but to get some new comers into the sport. I had been telling my Fiancé Kimberly, how bad I wanted to take her hunting, but she hadn't taken her Hunter Safety Course yet. Luckily, Missouri now has a Hunter Apprentice Program where you can hunt with someone that is Hunter Safety Certified without taking the test. This made me really excited, now I could take her hunting.

When the opening weekend of MO Muzzleloader season rolled around, I was pumped. I had just gotten back from WY with a big buck, and now I was taking Kimberly. The first night we hunted, the conditions were perfect, and I couldn't believe it, but we never saw a deer!! I can only count on one hand the number of times that's happened when the conditions are so right. The next day, we sat in the same spot where my Mom killed her big buck, and we saw plenty of deer, just nothing close enough for a shot.

That evening, we went back to a new food plot that we had put up earlier in the summer. An awesome secluded turnip patch where we'd always seen deer. We got settled into an Ameristep ground blind, and it wasn't too long, I could hear deer coming. I look back and a mature doe, and two yearlings were coming out. I told her to get ready cause she was going to kill whatever she wanted. As she was starting to aim, I quickly told her to wait, because I could see a buck was coming. The buck popped out about 15 - 20 yards, and I made sure she was good and on him, then I gave her the green light, and she made an awesome shot!!! The buck folded in his tracks!! We were both so excited to see it all come together. This hunt truly made my season, and I cannot wait to take her again!!!

Good luck to all the rest of the season, and hunt safe!!!