Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! For an entire lifetime, it seems we have studied deer behavior and movement patterns. If there is one constant throughout the test of time, it is the fact that whitetails are totally unpredictable, period! But if you were going to stack your odds and place all your marbles on one aspect it would have to be the weather. Cold, frigid temperatures typically have a way of revealing aspects of whitetail activity that one may not be privy to in a moderate climate cycle.

Two days of light snow with blustery northwest winds created a white cocoon blanketing the surface with measurable preciption. It is finally getting cold enough to put the Scent Blocker Pro Series suit to the test. A large Biologic Maximum field would be the destination of choice for both hunter and whitetails. The half eaten leaves exposed stems protruding through the snow blanket that would convey an image of tentacles reaching for the heavens. Each stem anchored by a large bulb burrowed into the soil encompasses the key to unlocking some of the mystery. Leaf, stem and bulb of a Biologic brassicas plant to a whitetail would be the equivalent of a sweet tart, starburst and spree to brother Mark, he just can’t get enough of them.

Hunting Missouri after firearms season with the archery tackle seems fruitless. Attempting to get a mature buck within bow range seems like the “impossible mission”. But we still go through the motions hoping to get lucky, and that we did! Biologic baby, it is the sole reason that the number of whitetails sauntered onto the field on December 1st. One fully mature whitetail at 350 yards was the pick of the litter, having peered through my Nikon Dream Season binoculars.

After a field-clearing event, for no apparent reason, all hopes were crushed. Then not 15 minutes later two beautiful does gracefully appeared back onto the field heading our way. Behind the young ladies followed a big old nasty gorilla unassuming and inattentive. As if at the end of a top water lure they steadily and methodically were reeled into our position, to 20 wonderful yards. Settling in and squeezing seems so natural at that distance.

Yes, the pick of the litter turned out to be a 156 1/8" piece of artwork. The PSE and Rage combination once again prove to be the victor. After an awesome track job in the snow, celebration is short lived. It is on to the next challenge at hand, you gotta love it, I know we do.