December 12: Evan Shults

It was time for Evan and my annual father-son hunt. It
is the hunt that I look forward to the most each and every
year. Evan finished with his final exams on the 10th and we
loaded up and was on the road the 11th headed up to the
farm. We arrived at the farm about 4:30 pm. We got
everything unloaded and got a good nights rest.

Opening morning of the muzzleloader season turned out
to be quite a slow morning. We only saw a 1 1/2 old buck and 4 doe. Evan decided to go ahead and take his doe so he could only worry about getting on a good buck the rest of the trip. The evening hunt turned out to be as slow as the mornings hunt . We only saw the same 1 1/2 old buck that we
saw that morning and a couple of doe.

We did not expect to see a lot the next morning because
the moon was full and the brightest one that I have seen in
along time. Needless to say we where right on that call
because all we saw were 3 hens feeding in the wheat field.
The temps had been climbing through the day and the ground
was thawing and making getting to the back of the farm a
muddy mess. We finally made it to the blind we where going
to set for the evening hunt. Coon Dog and I had put this
blind out for Pam to hunt when she came up on the second gun hunt and took a nice mature doe out of it. We finally got settled in about 2:15. At 4:05 a red cardinal landed in the field and Evan made a comment on how pretty it was. I told him that my grandmother Dunn use to say that when you seen one that it meant good luck. Then about 4:15 I looked up and all I saw coming across the field was antlers! It was 2 big mature bucks and a 2 year old. Evan had to make a quick and tough decision, which of the two bucks to take! One a huge tall massive 7 pt. or the big 10 pt. He had made his decision and it was time to get ready to lay down some

As Evan got settled in for the shot and after the 3rd
connection had been made the big 10 raised his head up to
look back at the 2 year old. I then told Evan to take him!
He pulled the trigger and the Omega let the smoke roll. It
was a perfect shot and the buck never made it out of the
wheat field!

What a great hunt, but all in all what a trip! With Evan getting older and in college now and work keeping me busy,the quality time that he and I get to share is getting to be farther and farther in between . As this trend seems to be the norm these days it makes this annual trip mean more and more to me each and every year!

So to all, please spend as much time with your kids as
you can today because they grow up way to fast these days!!!