December 5: Jacob Eugster

Jacob's 1st Buck

With wind chills around zero, Jacob and Joe head out to a small bean field bordered by some standing field corn. Joe and Eric had set up an Ameristep blind a couple days earlier. The wind was perfect and the deer were really tuned in to the beans and corn. It wasn’t 5 minutes and a couple of does showed up. Soon the does really started piling out. The excitement was building, as there surely had to be some bucks coming soon.

Sure enough a big white antlered 9-point shows up that Joe and Eric knew well. Jacob wasn’t able to get the shot he wanted and the big 9-point made it to the standing corn. Soon another buck showed up and this time Jacob was ready. Jacob made a perfect shot, dropping the big 8-point in its tracks.

What an exciting season for Jacob! Camping out for 3 nights in a wall tent, harvesting two does and a buck! It was definitely a season that both Jacob and his dad will remember!

This helped Joe deal with the sting that was still present from killing a 165" "Crabby G-2 Buck" earlier in November that Eric had double punched the record button on!  Joe had a great history with this buck and got great pre-roll of him coming in to his stand, but at the moment of truth Eric had accidently not recorded the kill shot.  Joe and Eric were both bummed out about not getting the footage needed, but were over all still proud to take a buck that they had chased for so long.