Jenn is a 15 year old girl from North Carolina who has been battling thyroid cancer for 4 years. On her application to Catch-A-Dream, Jenn listed “deer hunting” as her #1 desire and she was assigned as the child who would participate in the Catch-A-Dream hunt at TARA Wildlife with the Dream Season Teams. Little did she know how completely her dream would be fulfilled!

Jenn and her parents arrived at TARA on Wednesday and, after meeting the teams and enjoying some fine TARA cuisine, she and her guide, Bobby Culbertson, headed to the range to get her comfortable with the Thompson Center Encore that was provided for her hunt. Just 3 shots later, Bobby declared that Jenn was “ready to hunt!” After a brief rest, Jenn donned her gear and headed to the brand new “Catch-A-Dream” stand at TARA. Since TARA is actually a bowhunting-only operation, and Jenn was hunting with a special dispensation from TARA, a “gun stand” was constructed by the TARA staff just for this and subsequent Catch-A-Dream hunts! Jenn was accompanied by her Bobby, her Dad, and both Mark and Terry Drury, who would be filming with 2 cameras.

The first afternoon hunt was exciting, to say the least, with dozens of deer seen in the 60 acre Greenfield, but the half-dozen “shooter” bucks they saw were 200 yards or further. Bobby and Jenn decided to pass and hope for a closer shot the next day.

Jenn made a quick Thursday morning squirrel hunt in quest of a jet-black delta fox squirrel, accompanied by her Dad and Mom. Though she didn’t harvest a black squirrel, the outing rendered some excellent tales and memories. After another hefty TARA lunch, Jenn and crew headed back to the box stand for another afternoon hunt. This time, however, Mom trumped Dad for stand rights! Thus, for the first time ever, Jenn’s Dad sat in camp waiting while daughter and wife sat in a deer stand. Dad’s comment was “This is a strange feeling. It’s usually me in the woods and my wife at home waiting!”

Meanwhile, in the stand, action was almost continuous as deer after deer emerged from the surrounding bottomland hardwoods adjacent to the mighty Mississippi River to feed in the lush Greenfield on a late January day. After glassing numerous “shooters,” and a little shuffling around of stand occupants to get Jenn in position on several different bucks, a fine 125 inch 8 point walked out of the woods headed straight toward the stand. A few moments later, Jenn made a perfect 175 yard shot with the Encore .243, and the whole affair was captured on film.

The remainder of the trip was a celebration of Jenn’s realizing her long sought dream. A special dinner was held in her honor, as is done on all Catch-A-Dream trips, in which some neat and highly emotional things occurred. Departure from TARA on Saturday was filled with hugs and tears, as no one wanted to go separate ways! Tune in to Dream Season 6: Redemption this summer on the Outdoor Channel for all the details!