For any serious turkey hunter the south is a special place. It's basically where turkey hunting and turkey calling got it's start. This whole trip started three years ago at the NWTF national convention when Jason Conrad and Robby Thompson talked about me hunting their opening weekend. This year the Nationals were back in Nashville, and so were Jason and Robby T. So when I got the invitation again to head south and get the spring turkey season started, It wasn't long before I had the truck loaded and headed that way!

I had kept tabs on the turkey action with Robby and Jason through text messages and phone calls. They had let me know they had been watching a gobbler regularly in Robby's pasture. During the trip down to Mississippi it was a great feeling to get a call from Robby telling me he had just watched "Uncle Thomas"(the gobbler in his pasture) walk past our blind that was put out in preparation for the raining weather we were expected to get and and go to roost.

After arriving and eating my first "real" crawfish dinner(since Jason told me there aren't real crawfish north of Mississippi!HA) we discussed a plan B so that if "Uncle Thomas" didn't cooperate. I tell you the hardest thing for a turkey hunter is to get a good nights sleep knowing where there is a patterned gobbler pinpointed on the roost!

After waking up and hour later that we had intended, we where thanking mother nature for the rainy overcast day that was holding back the daylight. As day broke the weather was as expected, Raw. But, "Tom" flew down and was on his normal routine. It was as if he knew what we had prayed for him to do. He walked directly in front of the blind offering me a perfect open shot. I squeezed the trigger off not once but twice! The first shot was lower than I aimed, but the second one finished up my quest for an early season turkey. Longbeard Madness 15 has began and it's just getting started!