Well a year had past and it was time for Jason Edney and I
to go to Savannah, Tennessee for the annual St. Jude's
Hunting For A Cure youth turkey hunt again. This year our
kid to take out for the hunt was Cole McEarl. Cole had
hunted different game with his dad Jeff before but had only been turkey hunting once before. So Jason and I were on a mission to get Cole his first longbeard.

Friday evening Jason and I went to the farm to roost some
birds to try and make it happen for Cole early if possible.
When we got back to the fairgrounds we met with Cole and his dad and told them we would meet them their at 5:00 am in the morning.

That morning we met Cole and his dad and Cole was bright
eyed and ready to go ! We arrived at the farm and got
everything ready for the walk to where we wanted to be to
listen for the first gobble of the season. When we arrived
at the spot we waited a few minutes for things to settle
down. Then after a few owl hoots the first gobble of the
season was heard and it was close!

We sat up near an old logging road with Jason with Cole
and his dad about 80 yards to the left of us. After another
owl hoot we had two different birds gobble and we new we had two players in the game. As daylight broke Jason gave a
couple of tree yelps and both birds gobbled again. Then they pitched down and we new we had two longbeards roosted by themselves and we new the odds where in our favor. When they hit the ground they both gobbled again! Then Jason called and the birds turned our way. After a few calls the birds started coming in straight to us.

The strutter was to the left and the other bird to the
right. The other bird was coming right to Cole so I pulled
of of the strutter and I went to the other bird with the
camera and Cole let the 12 gauge roar! It was a perfect
shot and the longbeard went down. The other bird stayed
around strutting and spitting and drumming for about 15
minutes. It flogged the bird that was down tried to breed it too. The show went on and Cole got to see it all up close and personal!

Cole got to harvest his first longbeard and his dad was
their to witness it with him as well. It was an awesome hunt and it is a honor to get to share that experience with those kids and their parents when they take their first turkey.

The St. Jude's hunt is a hunt that Jason and I look
forward to each and every year! It is for a good cause and
it is a fun event. All the proceeds go to the St. Jude's
Children's Hospital for cancer research.

Drury Outdoors, Jason and I would like to thank Mr. Greg
Berry and all the Hunting For A Cure staff that work so hard all year long to make this event happen!

So from the whole Drury Outdoors family, congratulations Cole McEarl on your first longbeard and
thank you for letting us be a part of it !