March 26: Georgia-Kate McFerrin, Christian McFerrin, Taylor Drury

Georgia-Kate harvested her bird on March 27th, Christian and Taylor harvested their birds on March 28th!   

Well Spring Break is finally here and we were headed on the plane to Texas to kill some Rios! The McFerrin's were nice enough to invite us back to their ranch just like last year. After a few flights we were there and ready to put down some birds!

The hot and windy weather did not keep us inside very long because we were all out in the woods in no time. First, Georgia-Kate got up bright and early and killed her turkey. Then, Christian headed out and came back with another Rio! After a day of riding the golf cart, going to the beach, and soaking in the hot tub, it was my turn. So we all hopped in the Jeep and were headed to try to get my tag filled!

Mike, my dad, and I had encountered several gobblers but could not get the job done. So we put the magical King Strut out, sat against a brushy tree-line, and anxiously waited for turkeys to come in. Sure enough here comes a few hens with three beautiful gobblers! All three came running toward "The King" and I made the shot at about 25 yards! It was an amazing hunt that I will never forget.

All my thanks goes to the McFerrin family for letting us come down and being such awesome hosts. It was a good way to kick off the beginning of my turkey season! Missouri Youth Season is right around the corner so I am hoping to keep the Longbeard Madness rolling!

Good luck in the woods,
Taylor :)