As told by Sergeant Major (retired) Glen Simpson

SITUATION: 20 April 2009, North Central Kentucky, winds gusty, 58 degrees and raining.

Seek-out and harvest the elusive gobbler with archery tackle, without being detected and without mission failure!

Opening day in Kentucky came and went with Chris’s wife passing on a hen’d up big gobbler at long range with her shotgun. With a slow moving low pressure system the next day was a washout and with Chris’s wife going to be out of town on a business trip for a few days it was time to break out the stick and string.

The morning trip to Chris’s farm was nasty, windy, dreary, and made us really appreciate the shelter of the blind that we were sitting in. While set up on the edge of a field getting the camera gear prepared we could here the soft yelps of a hen in the cedars. We couldn’t help but wonder if she had The King with her. Our wondering was short lived as the yelps became louder causing the tom to give up his location. Yep, he was there, now the only question was whether the hens going to land in the field with it still raining or stay or in the semi shelter of the cedars?
Again this question was short lived as the first hen pitched off the limb and cackled as she made her way into the field just beyond our decoys. The excitement over took the rest of her crew as they too flew down one at a time to join her on the ground. Looking at Chris and seeing the anticipation in his grin we felt confident that we were in the game and the game was about to begin!

The now lone gobbler couldn’t take his girls being on the ground without him so he too let go of the limb and pitched down and sailed to within 30 yards from the awaiting King Strut and the breeder Shady Lady. Landing gear down and wings to the side he came in at a steady pace almost breaking into a run. The gobbler wouldn’t tolerate this intruding gobbler as he jumped and knocked King Strut to the ground and commenced to flogging him as if to say “Who’s King now!”

Chris slowly pulled back his PSE X Force settling the pin just below his waddle as the green light for launch was given. The Rage tipped Carbon X Weave arrow struck the bird with pin point accuracy. The gobbler took it full force jumping into the air and ran off only to die on camera within 30 yards.

Mission complete! Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.

P.S. As always, let’s all keep our Soldiers and their families in our hearts and prayers and especially our fellow Drury Outdoors team member and my best friend, Command Sergeant Major Ken Barteau and his Soldiers. God Speed!