April 23: Justin Lurk & Dr. Darren Haskell

“This never happens”

Story told by Justin Lurk:

The end of the work day on Thursday 4/23 could not come quick enough. I had a reminder set in outlook for myself to leave the office at 4:30pm for our trip to northern Missouri. My reminder went off at 8am and I kept hitting snooze for a ½ hour just so it would keep popping up all day. It reminded me of what was in store for the weekend and got me thru the day. So I was off to meet Dr. Darren Haskell. Dr. Haskell (Doc) is the doctor of my brother Jared, my Dad, Uncle Mark, Ralph & Lucille Drury (my grandparents & Mark’s parents) and a few other family members.

Doc and I were en route to northern Missouri and both very excited for this trip and opportunity. We arrived at camp around 10:45 pm with Mark and Jared already fast asleep with a note saying we’d leave the house at 5:05am.

4/24: Doc was up to bat 1st as Mark had roosted a few birds the night before near a timbers edge of ridge top field and also popped up a ground blind after dark. The wind was calm, but the morning quickly heated up as birds were gobbling all around us at a distance. Finally we heard one real close. As day started to break, we could see a big gobbler roosted 100 yards in front of us on the timbers edge. He flew down, but headed to a ridge top to our right and we saw him playing around with a jake & 2 hens. He was not interested in our King Strut & hen combo decoys. After 20 minutes of hearing Mark calling to the other birds and them answering back, ole Tom Boy got more interested. We pulled him over from his ridge and he came running into and attacked the King Strut. Doc zeroed in on him, made the perfect shot and by 6:45am had his 1st turkey kill of his life. Mark and I captured the kill from 2 camera angles while Jared was off in another location listening for birds in case we couldn’t get the job done that morning. We all met up and celebrated Doc’s 1st harvest and heard “this never happens” from Jared and Mark (speaking of how easy the hunt went and how he came in the wide open field from another ridge top straight to the King Strut.

Doc was tagged out in MO, but I had a tag in my pocket, so we quickly scouted out another tomboy strutting by himself in an open field, snuck up to a brushy area before entering the field, set out the King Strut & attempted to call him up over the hill to our location. It was so windy, but Mark did an excellent job of making sure he heard us and reeled him in to 30 yards. I got the signal from Mark to take him, didn’t have a perfect shot (shooting thru some briers) so I moved my gun a bit to the right and got busted. He ran 15 yards and stopped so I took him. Bird #2 of the day was in the bag & #2 bird of my life!! Again, “this never happens” – spooking a bird and still getting a shot.

For the rest of the story check out the next couple of journal entries from Dr. Darren and Jared Lurk!