As told by Sergeant Major (retired) Glen Simpson

SITUATION: 26 April 2009, North Central Kentucky, winds calm, 70 degrees and clear.

Seek-out and harvest the elusive gobbler with archery tackle, without being detected and without mission failure!

Well, with my first miss of the season with my PSE out of the way it was now Chris’s turn again. This year we’ve taken our game up a notch in trying to slam a gobbler in the head with the Rage. Couple the fact that it’s hard enough to kill turkeys with a bow, to now hit’em in the head and you got the makings for mission impossible!

The morning dawn on the Ogle farm brought warm winds and thoughts of gobblin birds as we sat in the blind after staking out our decoy spread. King Strut, Shady Lady Breeder and Shady Lady couldn’t have looked any better in the glow of the early morning light. As the song birds began singing their sweet sounds of spring, they were silenced by the roaring gobble of the King himself!

As he began to get more and more excited on the limb I couldn’t help but reflect on the beautiful long beard that I missed the day before by a mere inch. Its tough bowhunting turkeys and misses are inevitably going to happen or at least this is what I keep saying to myself to mend my pride. However, my daydreaming was interrupted when 2 hens pitched into the middle of the field. It was back to the task at hand as a cackle of another hen cut the air with the gobbler ripping a thunderous roar as she landed in his vicinity in the timber.

The gobbler now on the ground had effected link-up with his lady and gobbled at every sweet yelp that Chris made on his calls as if to say “Get over here! It seemed that she maybe stealing the show as his gobbles began to get fainter.

After about thirty minutes the hen and her mate showed up at the edge of the field around two hundred yards from our position. The hen feed intently toward her girlfriends that were now making their way to the other end of the field. Noticing King Strut and his companions, the big gobbler came out of strut and stretched his neck up and looked intently at the intruder.

Instead of coming in at a blazing run, the big bird played it cool and danced his way into the engagement area as if to show the Ladies that he was truly “The Man.” The bird made his move on King Strut rounding his tail fan to face the King head-on. Chris pulled his PSE X Force back slowly, as the gobbler came out of his pretty display. The pin was settled on his head and the green light for launch given. The Rage slammed into his head nearly severing it.

Mission complete! Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.

P.S. As always, let’s all keep our Soldiers and their families in our hearts and prayers and especially our fellow Drury Outdoors team member and my best friend, Command Sergeant Major Ken Barteau and his Soldiers. God Speed!