My good friend Mark McCaulley wanted to introduce his two
girls,Molly(8),and Sadie(7)to hunting. My daughter Katherine(7),wanted
to go on her second turkey hunt. Three girls and two adults in a turkey
blind! A few people I told about our plans, thought chances of bagging
a turkey were slim to none.

The turkeys we were going to be hunting were lying off roost into a big field making them hard to hunt.I had the idea to use a coyote decoy to turn the turkeys towards our little ambush site.What happened might surprise a lot of you.

Well, we did get a big old Gobbler and the girls were GREAT!.After our heroes and pictures,the girls asked if they could scream after whispering all morning. Right after all that screaming,a beautiful bachelor group of bucks blasted out of the woods heading for the next county!

What a totally awesome morning. I think I said awesome about ten times on video. Mark's daughters had a great time and want to do it again next
year. Take your kids and your friends kids hunting,you wont regret it.

 -Joe Eugster