As told by Sergeant Major (retired) Glen Simpson

02 May 2009, North Central Kentucky, winds calm, 60 degrees and raining.

MISSION: Seek-out and harvest the elusive gobbler with archery tackle, without being detected and without mission failure but when all else fails…KILL A JAKE!

With Aaron Lewis from the group Staind unable to come to Kentucky this spring due to a very busy touring schedule, with Ken still deployed and Chris unable to hunt what do I do? Get off the couch, pick up the bow, the blind and the camera and try to make something happen!

The stalled low pressure system that has plagued the mid-west just about all spring was still showing us that she was in charge. It literally has rained every day since the opening of season. Fortunately for me I bowhunt these elusive birds and have the luxury of staying somewhat dry inside a blind. Unfortunately, with Aaron Lewis unable to hunt and Chris unable to film it was back to the old days of self-filming. Though not totally impossible it makes the job of getting it all captured on tape a bit challenging but nothing about turkey hunting isn’t challenging.

The morning dawn brought heavy cloud cover, rain showers and very few gobbling birds. It looked as if it today’s hunt was going to be a wash (no pun intended). As I sat back in the blind reflecting on an already great season and about the upcoming filming of Celebrity Dream Season I noticed movement out of the right side of the blind. BIRDS…three jakes…and with the rain falling and the forecast for the rest of the turkey season to be the same…one of them was in serious trouble!

Now I’m not one that normally harvests jakes but buddy with what I’ve been through this season I was not about to let one walk. I let the three amigos dictate who was going to be the star of the show as a clear winner came to the forefront. Making sure that he was in frame and in focus I picked up my Army digital PSE X Force and slowly drew on the candidate. If he turns his back he’s going to get a whack and unfortunately for him he didn’t hear me as the arrow flew hitting its mark perfectly. The bird jumped and ran off falling on camera within fifteen yards.

Mission complete! Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.

P.S. As always, let’s all keep our Soldiers and their families in our hearts and prayers and especially our fellow Drury Outdoors team member and my best friend, Command Sergeant Major Ken Barteau and his Soldiers. God Speed!