As told by Chris Ogle

3 May 2009, Fort Knox Kentucky, winds calm, 68 degrees and finally a break in the weather.

MISSION: Seek-out and harvest the elusive gobbler with archery tackle, without being detected and without mission failure but when time starts running out, “PICK UP THE SHOTGUN!”

Coming off Glen’s bow kill and managing to draw one of the premiere areas on Ft. Knox in the same day, our hopes were high for Sunday. However, as we began our hunt on 3 May, the conditions were status quo for the entire 09’ Kentucky season, Rain! We weren’t deterred and gathered our mission essential gear, blind and PSE bow, and headed to the woods. Although we had a great encounter with 3 jakes, one of which mounted and bred the decoy, we never heard a gobble in the morning.

After a brief discussion we loaded up and headed for breakfast and waited for the weather to pass. By 1030 the rain stopped and we knew the turkeys would be heading for the open areas to try and dry off.

Having to cease hunting on Ft. Knox at 1300, we opted to pick up the Remington shotgun and become more mobile. A quick walk and a series of hen calls resulted in a real hen firing back some raspy yelps. A gobble was elicited and we maneuvered into position.

Quickly setting up the King Strut and Shady Lady, we backed up to the edge of a small field and began calling. Within minutes the gobbles grew louder and we saw the red, white and blue head on the other side of the field. As the camera rolled, the gobbler made eye contact with the decoys and gobbled and strutted his way to 20 yards. At 1140, the bird was in hand and another posting into the journal.

Mission complete!
Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.

P.S. As always, let’s all keep our Soldiers and their families in our hearts and prayers and especially our fellow Drury Outdoors team member and my best friend, Command Sergeant Major Ken Barteau and his Soldiers. God Speed!