What could be a better way to end the 2009 spring turkey season than to harvest my second bow kill on the next to the last day.

The weather was absolutey horrible for Kentucky spring turkey season this year, but through all the bad weather we had a tremendous season.

First day my daughter Ashley was up to bat with my wife Melissa in the blind as well just in case two birds came in, we had a lot of action the first morning with a group of jakes breeding Dixie and then we finally had a mature gobbler come in to Bocephus and Ashley made a good shot and while I was capturing it all on video not knowing there was a malfunction with the camera and the footage was lost forever, so we come in and I grab the other video camera and headed out for the evening hunt and Melissa also harvested a mature gobbler on video.
So the next task at hand is to get a shot with the new PSE Dream Season X-Force GX , we hunted hard and finally the second weekend I also took a gobbler.

The last weekend was here with rain in the forecast again and on Friday evening I spotted two gobblers in a field right before dark and I knew they would be roosted close, so about 10:30 that night I took a blind and set it up in the middle of a newly planted corn field and the wind was howling the next morning but I could not wait to get in the blind and give it one last try, after daylight came the two birds were roosted about 200 yards from the blind and they flew down and went the other way so I decided to through some aggressive calling their way and turned them and they came over the hill and seen Bocephus and Dixie and came right in and the PSE and Rage did their job once again.
This season could not have gone any better since my wife and my daughter were able to harvest their birds.

Louie Payne