Dave Harvested his first Merriam on April 25th and the second Merriam on April 26th!   

Dave and I were invited on a spring turkey hunt with our good friend James Coppedge of Pack-n-horns Outfitters in New Mexico.

Unfortunately for me I was too busy with work to make the trip so good friend Curt Richey went along with Dave to hunt and to run the camera. When Curt and Dave arrived to Cimarron NM on the Chase Ranch James had them into birds right away! The only problem was that the turkeys were henned up big time. After the first mornings hunt was unsuccessful (a whole flock came by just out of range) Dave decided to use locator calls to get ahead of the group. Everything worked perfectly and Dave was able to harvest his first ever New Mexico longbeard. Dave was amazed by the beauty of these white fanned New Mexico Merriams.

Dave and Curt continued to hunt hard and were able to harvest two more longbeards during their hunt with James. Dave was able to take his on the last evening of his hunt. James had done his homework and had the two hunters perfectly positioned to intercept a flock of turkeys on their way back to roost. The turkeys apparently read the script because the video is absolutely incredible. Dave let the big strutter put on a show until he could not take it anymore and with the squeeze of the trigger he ended his New Mexico spring turkey hunt.

This is not the end of the story. While on the Chase Ranch in New Mexico Dave and Curt also filmed lots of mule deer and literally hundreds of elk. They also found some giant sheds. Dave and I will be hunting with James for mule deer and elk again in September 09’ for an upcoming episode of Bow Madness and we can’t wait!!