April 19: Chris Comstock

April 20th opening day of Missouri Turkey Season found Coon Dog and Comstock hunting together. Chris was up to bat and Dog was behind the camera. Well the two started off at Chris’ main farm and wouldn’t you know it, the turkeys won the first round! The gobbling was intense, turkeys everywhere, but no long beard would make its presence.

So it was time to do what Chris does best and that’s run and gun. It wasn’t long until Chris saw a strutter in the corner of a cut cornfield and Chris made the statement, “I know how to get on that bird.” It wasn’t long before the boys were off and running and when they finally approached within the last 50 yards of the bird, the two were sitting in the wide open trying to figure out their next move.

As the two were sitting there, someone else was on the move and the next thing the boys knew Mr. Long Beard was within 20 yards of them, staring them down. So from going to a good set up for video footage, it was a mad race to get the camera out of the bag and get what footage they could before Chris hammered the bird. So as the bird was getting ready to exit stage right, Chris made a perfect shot and Chris had his turkey down for the Missouri season.

So if anyone remembers Longbeard Madness 14, it was almost a repeat of last years hunt for the boys.