During camp you don’t know who you’re hunting with most of the time because ever now and then Mark and Terry like to change the teams up, which gives everyone a chance to hunt with the Legend of Downing Missouri Chris Comstock!

Well April 30th found Dog hunting with Chris again and they both knew that the turkeys were in trouble. So on that morning Chris decided to go back to his main farm and hunt the turkeys that the two had hunted on opening day, but this time Chris decided to go into the timber and get tight with them.

Well getting tight was a under statement because the first gobble sounded off, the bird was under a 100 yards and the boys knew they were in the game. But as turkey hunting goes, the gobbler didn’t come up on the flat that he was supposed to which would have put him in Chris’ lap. After hitting the ground the bird decided to come up on the backside of Chris and Dog.

So with the camera rolling the turkey stepped behind a big tree and when he did both Chris and Dog made their move and was able to face the direction in which the bird was coming.

After Chris made some soft yelps the turkey came in gobbling and strutting into gun range. Chris was again able to put the hammer down and Chris had his second Missouri Turkey!

Chris and Dog could not have been happier because getting a good timber kill on video is a bonus for both hunter and cameraman.

Now since the Legends done maybe he can start packing the camera around for a while.