May 3: Steve "Coon Dog" Coon

May 4th found Chris and Coon Dog hunting together and it was time to go after Dog’s second bird and what a special bird it would be….since it was Dog’s birthday and all!

So the morning was awesome with birds gobbling everywhere, so after the boys made their first set up on a cut bean field it was the turkeys leaving going to a party and it wasn’t Dog’s. Just when you think you’re in the game, a lady comes into play and yelps them the other way.

With the day still early and gobbling on…the two set out for the hottest bird, but when the boys set up Mr. Coyote decided to crash the party. He got within 15 feet of the camera when he did and Chris was able to lay down some awesome footage!

Chris and Dog then decided to leave that area thanks to the uninvited guest and head to another bird that was sounding off as they were setting up. As the two approached the area the bird was gobbling from they found not just one strutter but two!

The only problem was that the boys had some ladies with them that would not leave! So it was time to take the game to them. Dog and Chris made their move slipping through the timber and doing a little bit of crawling, which put them right within range of the birds.

With camera rolling Dog was able to put his second Missouri bird on the ground and what a special bird it was….a Birthday bird….which makes Dog’s fourth Bday Bird in a row!

So what a way to start your birthday with a big Missouri gobbler that sported three beards and one of your best hunting buddies. “Let the Party Begin!”