May 6th found Chad and Dog teamed up and it was time to go after Chad’s second bird. After the two attempted to hunt some birds that Chad hunted earlier that week to no avail, it was time to try some new dirt.

The first farm found the boys putting a move on a longbeard that was packing four hens and it was not the Flambeau Shady Lady either. As Chad was closing in on the last 50 yards, which would have put him in range, a deer decided to step from her bed and run directly toward the turkeys which knocked Chad out of the ball game.

Chad then turned to Dog and stated we are only beginning. Chad then drove to the next farm, which was only across the road and guess what…the boys found a lone strutter next to the pond. So with a small bump from the vehicle, which pushed the gobbler over the pond dam. Chad and Dog were on the move!

After the two crawled at least 300 yards, Chad was back in the ball game closing the distance to 70 yards. After getting set up a few soft yelps brought the gobbler within 30 yards. The only problem was the gobbler decided to telescope his head to see where the yelping was coming from and the footage was not what they wanted so they let the turkey walk. Boy did he walk…The next time Chad saw the bird he was at least 150 yards away!

When the turkey went over the hill Chad was able to make his move and crawl within twenty yards of the bird. Prior to making his move the bird picked up a friend, which was strutting with two hens. Chad knew which one to shoot and the strutter hit the ground like a sack of potatoes!

Congrats Chad on your second bird even if it took some crawling!