May 14: Dave Reisner, Rick Malik & John O'Dell

Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited by my good friend Bobby Matthews to Central FL to hunt wild hogs. Long story short we had a blast and I was able to put my new PSE XForce to the test as I shot my pig at 52 yards. Fast forward one year later.

This year I was once again invited to hog hunt Central Florida with Bobby only this time I was bringing along even more Drury Outdoors team members. Good friends Rick Malik and Dave and Amy Reisner were going to come along. This would be Dave’s first hog hunt ever and Amy was trying to harvest her first animal of any kind with her new PSE bow. Based on the success I had experienced the previous year we were all anticipating a great hunt!

I have been fortunate to go on many hunts all across North America and most have met expectations and a few have exceeded expectations. This hunt is Central Florida was in the later category. It was the perfect mix of good friends, good weather, and great hunting!

Day 1 - All of our hunts would be spot and stalk and Dave Reisner was up to bat first. After many close encounters the first morning Dave was finally able to seal the deal on a nice hog that he shot at 30 yards with his PSE XForce bow. This was Dave’s first ever wild hog and he was pumped. I also think he has a new perspective on how hard it can be to hunt wild hogs spot and stalk with bow and arrow. Rick was up to bat next and took quick advantage of his first opportunity and made a great shot on a nice boar hog at 32 yards with his PSE Bow Madness XL. After a short recovery I was up to bat and later that same day I connected on a good pig. I shot my hog right before dark with PSE Dream Season GX bow. I was lucky enough to make a lethal shot at 42 yards and my lumenock seemed to light up the sky on its way to my intended quarry. My rage broadhead did the necessary work after that. So we had three pigs on the ground for our first day of hunting.


Check out the next journal entry to see what the guys did the following day!