June 1: Dave Kramer, Charlie Falck, Kalen Lenz

Charlie Falck's Harvest was on 5/31/09, Dave Kramer's Harvest was on 6/2/09, Kalen Lenz's Harvest was on 6/3/09

I just got home from the most thrilling bow hunt of my life. Good friend Kris Lenz from Manchester IA was doing some research on a Spring bear hunt and invited me to go along. We had done past bear hunts in Ontario and always had the time of our lives. This year Kris wanted to try out a new province in Canada and settled on Saskatchewan. We made the decision to book with a new outfitter, Lost Trail Black Bear Outfitters, owners Mike Clemens & Kevin Weber.

A month before the hunt we met up with Mike and looked over his maps of the area. Their bear block consists of around five hundred square miles of dense forest, swamps and lakes. We decided to send a pair of Reconyx cameras and bear proof boxes along with Mike to do some pre-hunt scouting for us.

May 29th we loaded our gear in Kris' truck for the long 25hr drive. Kris' son Kalen and buddy Charlie Falck were going along for the trip. We arrived late morning on the 30th and immediately pulled our cards from the Reconyx. To our surprise the first picture taken was that of a giant V-neck bear. Needless to say we were really jacked up about our chances. For the first night's hunt Kris and I decided to video for Kalen & Charlie but only one small bear was spotted.

Day two, Kris and I opted to hunt some remote lake baits and Kalen & Charlie would hunt the bait where the giant bear had been showing up. Our hunt turned out uneventful. Kalen and Charlie's hunt turned out a lot better. After watching a small bear most of the night a much better bear showed up right before dark. It wasn't the big V-neck but it was a shooter none the less. Charlie's Lumenok lit up the evening sky and he had his first bear down.

After Charlie's kill our optimism was high. Day three brought sightings of smaller bears for Kalen and Kris but no shooters. Day four and I was up to bat. Kris and I decided once again to make the long trek around to the lake and check baits before choosing a stand. After checking six baits we had only gotten pictures of small bears and had only two baits left. When we approached our seventh bait our luck changed quickly as there was a larger bear already there. Mike killed the boat and we carefully paddled on by. The bear watched us intently but didn't seem alarmed at all. We decided to try and paddle to shore and have Kris and I get out for a stalk. When we reached the bank and jumped out the bear was gone. As we snuck up to check the trail camera Mike suddenly whispered "grab your bow". The bear had circled back in to get a sniff of us. It was apparent that he wasn't happy about us being there because he started popping his teeth, Woofing at us and bluff charging. As We inched ahead to get an opening the bear just kept coming. I drew three times at forty yards but had no clear shot. Finally as the bear hit my only opening he turned and came straight at us. I was at full draw when he stopped at twenty yards and stood up. I don't remember squeezing the release but I saw the arrow bury itself between his front legs. The bear bit at it and turned to run, only making twenty yards. The most intense adrenaline rush I've ever had suddenly hit me. I couldn't stop shaking as we carefully approached my bear. He was better than I expected and looked to be a P&Y contender.

With two bears down, two to go, & three days left, Kris and Kalen were up. Kris had picked a bait that we'd gotten pictures of another big bear. He planned to sit it out for the rest of the week until he showed. Kalen and Charlie wanted to experience the lake baits so we all made the long trek on day five. They chose to hunt out of a ground blind on a old logging road. After a short two hour sit, cameraman Charlie woke up to the sound of a bear walking by at less than ten feet. Kalen showed the patience of a veteran bear hunter a waited for the perfect shot as the bear made his way to the bait. Finally the bear turned broadside and extended his front leg. Kalen let it rip and hit him right in the pocket. The well placed shot and Rage broad head made for an easy recovery as the bear was down in less than twenty yards. This was Kalen's second bear.

Unfortunately Kris' big bear never returned to the bait and he wasn't able to harvest a bear on this trip. It was an incredible hunt none the less and the four of us would like to send out a thanks to Mike Clemens, Kevin Weber & guide Nap of Lost Trail Black Bear Outfitters for the adventure of a lifetime. We will definitely be making a return trip in the near future knowing that old V-neck is still roaming somewhere in the north woods of Saskatchewan.