Our coyote season in Illinois is year round (except for firearm season). Kenny Storck and I stop hunting in the spring while the fields are being planted. Late June temps were around one hundred degrees.

Now it’s early July, the crops are planted, and we are ready to go hunting. A cold front moved in so it has been in the 70’s in the mornings and high 80’s in the evenings. The weather is right and the farmers are out of the fields for a while - time to go hunting, predator style.

Kenny and I set up a hunt for Coon Dog to come see how we do it. Coon Dog has never hunted coyotes, so the pressure is hot and heavy…and I mean HOT. We set the hunt for Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 - a balmy 90-degree afternoon. After working all day, the anticipation is overwhelming. Trying to wet Coon Dog’s appetite, Kenny and I wanted him to see footage of a hunt from a couple days earlier. In that hunt the farmer coming up the road foiled us, but we have high hopes for tonight’s hunt. So it’s around 5:30 p.m., time to get ready and roll out.

After setting up, it took only three minutes for our first wily guest to show himself. Nearly everything came together but I (the hunter) was overcome by the predator rush and missed the shot, choked. Not to be discouraged, we picked up and hurried along to the next set-up. That second set-up showed no coyotes, so with one last place in mind before we ran out of light, we moved quickly to our third set.

With the moon rising, we brought out the secret weapon to draw in the allusive coyotes. I set up next to a round bale of straw with Kenny to my side and Coon Dog one bale back to try for a second angle. With a series of squeals, a coyote appeared. We had 600 yards to close and only 15 minutes before there was no light. I called and he came like he was on a string from 600 to 50 yards in about 30 seconds. As you may have guessed, he was locked onto the secret weapon – the King Strut Turkey Decoy. He was locked in and wouldn’t stop…until the Thompson Center Icon stopped him cold in his tracks. Sweet redemption for that earlier miss, it was a direct hit. Thanks to Coon Dog and Kenny Storck for sharing the hunt.