Story told by Justin Lurk

It’s summer, the new DVD releases are out, the TV shows are now airing and the itch to get in the woods is like a bad case of poison ivy. Well this summer, Jared and I took a different approach to cool that itch. But of course bow hunting on July 3rd did not bring much cool at all with temperatures in the low 90s!

We ordered PSE’s new ‘cool’ aqua blue camo Hammerhead bow fishing bow & met up with a good friend of ours Jason Tucker (high school class mate of Jared) and were off to give it a try. I had never been bow fishing but Jason & Jared had many times before so I had high expectations going into the day.

My/our expectations were surpassed as we had a target rich environment which was good as I was up to bat first! After only a few ‘practice shots’ I seemed to be dialed in… although I give all the credit to the Hammerhead for its accuracy and speed. Jason had an old recurve bow that he converted to a bow fishing bow, but after a few shots with the Hammerhead, he was even more deadly than before (which was more than Jared & I combined) and was hooked on the concept of hunting with top of the line equipment!

For the morning, we were only getting a small glimpse of the Gar and were successful on several of those as they were coming up for air in the muddy tributary to the Mississippi River we were fishing. Mid afternoon, we headed up river and it was especially neat to see the ‘flying fish’ jumping behind and over our boat. I had seen it on TV before, but never in person. One 5-6 lb flying carp landed on my lap and nearly scared me out of the boat! It didn’t take long for him to flop around and get to freedom again though.

The late afternoon hunt proved to be most successful for us as we were getting more into the Carp along the banks as they were soaking up the shade – they were smarter than us, that’s for sure! This was great as the Carp were a larger target and Jared needed all the help he could get!

All in all, we ended up with 17 Carp & Gar, 24 empty bottles of water, 3 sun burns, but most of all, a (temporary) cure to that itch (Bow Madness) we have living within us. Look to catch this action next year on The Outdoor Channel via Bow Madness – Season 3!