September 2: Mark Drury

Seems like barely anytime has past since I was leaving North East Wyoming last year. Ever since I left I had been dreaming of coming back for this season. When Rick and Julie invited me back out to stay at the Golf Club at Devil's Tower with Jim Neimen I couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough.

There is something about coming out west that just gets you pumped up! First the opportunity to start whitetail hunting a full 2 weeks ahead of the Missouri’s season and a full month ahead of the Iowa season is exciting and more importantly getting to share hunting camp with good friends is even better!

Wyoming offers a special place for whitetail hunters… some of the most unbelievable and breathtaking habitat that whitetails can live in. Before leaving I found out that Dan Thurston and Rick Malik would be in the same general area as well as Kyle Lamore so we planed to get together while in Northeast Wyoming.

The first 2 days of the trip were fairly uneventful. We hunted some of the same spots as last year, but with different results…the deer just weren’t moving past us. The 2nd day we had lunch with Kyle and Dan and learned that Dan had already missed a buck and Kyle had missed one that morning. During lunch we had a chance to visit with great friend and big buck killin’ machine Stan Potts. It was a great lunch and none of us wanted to leave to go back to the stand.

Maybe that was the good luck charm we needed because the bucks started to fall! Rick killed his on the night of September 2nd. Kyle killed his on the morning of the 3rd, which strengthened our resolve to keep going and made us more determined then ever to lay down a great kill on camera!

Finally, on the night of the 3rd we got the wind we had been waiting on… a very rare wind, which came out of the East. The evening felt right and with good reason, at 7:15 we saw a shooter pop out of the draw. Over the next 30 minutes the buck fed down the draw eating acorns and he finally presented me with a perfect 39-yard broadside shot!

We dropped the deer off at C and A Meats for processing in Sundance, Wyoming and they actually did this european mount in a matter of a few hours!  Pretty cool and as a special thank you to Jim Neimen I gave it to him for all of his wonderful hospitality!  

I have to give a shout out and a big thanks to Rick and Julie Kreuter! 3 down in the first 3 days in Sept…pretty good start to the season. Alberta here I come! Leaving on the 8th. -Mark