September 5: Dave Reisner

September 6th 6x6 Bull Elk, September 7th Color Phase Black Bear, September 8th 175" Velvet Mule Deer

Well Dave and I just returned from a phenomenal trip out west with James Coppedge Pack-n-Horns Outfitters www.pack-n-horns.com . It was somewhat a tale of two extremes in that Dave had a lucky horseshoe literally and figuratively and I was living Murphy’s law. We arrived at the Chase Ranch near Cimarron NM on the evening of Friday September 4th to do some scouting. It was clear that James had done his pre season scouting as we were able to glass some nice mule deer bucks and literally hundreds of elk with our Nikon spotting scope.

Two years ago I was able to harvest my first elk with a bow on the first day of the hunt so Dave was up to bat first and we spent the first morning taking a conservative approach. We elected to put the elk to bed and hunt them that evening as they filtered into a bottom field. The first night we missed the mark as the elk dropped off the mountain about 400 yards away. We followed a similar approach on the second morning and later that evening we were in the game as the elk came down the mountain about 200 yards from where we had hung a double set with our Big Game tree stands. It was clear that the elk were not coming our way before dark so Dave suggested that I do some calling. To my surprise and before we could really react a nice 6X6 bull was charging our location. He was within 20 yards before I could even get the camera turned on and before Dave could grab his bow. Well fortunately for us we were able to get on the same page quickly. When the bull presented Dave with a 30 yard shot he took it and we both knew right away it was a lethal hit. There was much celebration in the tree as he had just harvested his first elk with a bow and I had just called in my first elk! It was a gorgeous 6X6 and I am sure it is a day Dave and will not soon forget.

The next day while we were hunting mule deer James spotted a black bear sleeping in a tree. After quickly formulating a plan of attack Dave and I had slipped out of the truck and began our stalk. On the way to the bear Dave found a lucky horseshoe. After that we quickly closed the distance to about 15 yards before the bear woke up and realized we were there under his tree. He started to growl and snap his teeth. I was not nervous at this point even though all I had to defend myself was a camera because I can run faster than Dave! Well Dave decided he better take the bear before he decided to come down the tree and he made a perfect shot. His two blade rage broadhead made quick work of the New Mexico Bruin. After coming out of the tree he ran no more than 15 steps and collapsed for good in front of the camera. It was unique color phased bear and a real trophy.

Dave didn’t stop there as he was going for the hat trick of an elk, a black bear, and a mule deer all with his PSE bow! The next morning JD one of Pack-n-Horns guides found a giant mule deer that I had tried to stalk the prior day only to have the wind swirl and ruin my hunt when I was within 60 yards. So when JD found him again I said to Dave that he should hunt and I would film because he was on a roll! Let’s just say that if I was in Vegas I would have let him play my hand! So we glassed the giant mule deer along with his 5 other buddies (all nice bucks in full velvet) until we had a plan of attack. Well for some reason I was doing great and figuring our plans for Dave’s stalks and this time I put us within 14 yards of the giant buck. Amazingly he was leading the pack when they walked by us and Dave made another good shot with his PSE to conclude his New Mexico hunt. It was a 175” giant in full velvet. The footage is must see to believe and we were two happy hunters when we that big buck went down!

At this point in the hunt I told Dave that he should buy a lottery ticket.

Well as for my hunt to make a long story with multiple encounters and countless stalks short, all that I will say is that I had many close calls with some giant bulls and bucks along with some horrible luck. I was rained out on multiple occasions, once by pea sized hail, I was almost attacked by a black bear (I did not have a bear tag/more bad luck for me), I missed two shots at 40 plus yards on great mule deer bucks ( my advice practice shooting off your knees for longer shots), I hit a branch instead of a nice 4X4 mule deer, and lastly I had a 300 plus 7X6 bull in easy bow range but did not get a shot because of branches and then Dave did not have him on camera! You’ll have to tune into Bow Madness Season 3 to see how bad my luck really was on this trip!

All in all a huge thank you goes out to James and all of his guides at Pack-N Horns! Dave was able to harvest his first elk, bear, and mule deer in velvet with a bow! We had a spectacular trip that was truly a trip of a lifetime and we already can’t wait to go back and hunt with James again!