September 25: Steve Clark

Predator Madness – when you have the bug, you can’t get it out of your system.  After our July hunt with Coon Dog, Kenny and I were unable to get out with the song dogs for a couple months.  We were working a lot of overtime and with Kenny expecting his first child, we just didn’t find the time.  

I decided to scout for deer when I could with deer in velvet and good buck photos on the Reconyx, I was satisfied.  But then I started getting more coyote pictures than deer on the same food plot as those monster bucks.  The bug has bitten me once again.  

Kenny was working overtime and my Dad was busy remodeling, so I tried to do the filming and shooting alone.  That didn’t work out…you guessed it, a big miss.  I wanted to get one more coyote before deer season but time was running out.

Saturday September 26th, my 35th birthday, was my last chance to get in that coyote hunt.  My last attempt at going alone didn’t work out and my normal hunting buddy Kenny was working, so I called my good friend Jeff Guest to help out with filming.  

As a father of two young boys with a full-time job and a house to keep up I have to go when I can.  Especially with deer season opening in just four days, there wasn’t much time left. I had to be at my five-year-old son’s soccer game at 10:00 a.m., so we had enough time to set up one hunt if we were out at daylight.

I chose a rabbit squeal with the Rigor Rabbit decoy out.  After only five minutes, we have two coyotes come in.  This day the present is oh-so sweet…one coyote down.