It's been a long 7 years since I have been able to harvest a deer on film for Drury Outdoors. Five years since I was last in a tree stand. Being the mother of 5 kids, I was either pregnant or had little ones at home to take care of, so my hunting had been put on hold. Till now. Thankfully my oldest Zach, is now close to 16 and more than willing to babysit his brothers and sister to allow me to get out and enjoy the great outdoors again.

I was able to get out on opening day and did get the chance to see a few deer but was never given an open shot. I did however end up soaking wet and freezing, yet ecstatic to be in that tree. That was the day Ben harvested Slammer-so it was still a day to celebrate. The next time I was able to get out was the fourth day of our season.

Ben and I debated for awhile on whether or not to go out. It was cold and the threat of rain was in the air and the wind was coming from the northwest. Which limited us to only a few hunting spots that we could slip into considering I couldn't travel too far since I had to wait for Zach to get off the school bus. We didn't want to end up getting busted slipping into a treestand too late. Once my kids were home and everyone was settled in, we decided on a spot.

We elected to hunt over a small Biologic food plot that Ben and one of his buddy's had planted. Once we were all settled the rain began, again. This time it was nice. It ended up being a small drizzle. Just enough to make the air a little more chilly, so it made us even more sure that we would end up seeing something. It wasn't long before a doe popped into the field.

When I say popped into the field, I literally mean she POPPED into the field. I happened to look straight ahead and there she stood about 80yds out. I motioned to Ben that she was there, but from where he was sitting, he couldn't see her. She slowly made her way towards me and into Ben's view as she grazed her way to within 20yds of my stand. She gave me a perfect 20yd broadside shot and I let my arrow fly. I smoked her!! She ran out of the field and fell. From where I was situated, I could see her fall. Ben on the other hand couldn't. We decided to wait a few minutes to make sure (and to give me time to quit shaking), shortly thereafter I could see no movement coming from her. So we decided to hurry over and tag her so we could get back in the tree and hope for the chance at another.

I honestly was doubtful. Ben and I always say if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!! I was feeling pretty darn lucky for having just gotten the doe. Regardless, it was still early and we had at least 1 1/2hrs till dark. Since I was out and enjoying the time with my husband in the woods, I decided why rush back?? So we climbed back in.

Literally, it was only a mere matter of minutes, but felt like seconds. I had barely been given the time to sit down and have everything in place when a buck walked out of the timber to my right. Again, he was also out of Ben's view for a few seconds till he took a few more steps out into the field. I was too nervous to move, afraid he would see me because he was so close. As he walked, I was able to slowly grab my bow, turn and stand without him noticing. He ended up stopping right where the doe had last stood. He gave me a perfect broadside shot that I should have taken, but I still hadn't even had time to put my release on the bow. Once I did and drew back, he turned slightly quartering away.

After YEARS of watching hunting footage. I knew where my placement needed to be. I was confidant in myself to be able to make that shot. But what happened next, was the unexpected. I released and saw the arrow hit him high and far back. Within seconds he was gone, running with the arrow. I had just made a bad shot. Talk about a devastating and sinking feeling. Ben was so wrapped up in filming and hadn't really noticed where the arrow had struck, so he rewound the footage and watched. He agreed. There was a slim chance we would recover him. It looked like I had hit him in his backstrap. No excuses being made here....I just pondered on the should of's that came to mind. Should of just went home after the doe and hung it up there as a great day. Should of drawn back sooner. Should of considered more if 50lbs was enough force for that kind of shot. Should of waited to see if he would stay around and give me another broadside shot. The list goes on....

We then decided to go ahead and climb out of the tree and head home. It was a cool evening so we backed out and were going to come back the next morning to look for him.  We also thought there was a slim chance that the buck was still hanging around the area and we didn't want to disturb him. If he was wounded enough and close we didn't want to disturb him. That was a quiet ride home. Ben stayed out in the garage to put all our gear away while I went in to greet our kids. It wasn't long before Ben came busting in through the door. He said that he decided to take another look at the footage just to make sure. I actually had NOT hit the deer as high as either of us had thought. When looking at it on the big TV, you could see that the arrow had gone in and slightly popped back out when he started to run. I did actually place the arrow in a spot that could take him down. Yeah!! There was still a chance.

We still agreed to wait it out till morning. Talk about a an emotional roller coaster and one sleepless night. Ben and Jarod decided to go out and look in the morning while I stayed in the warm & cozy home with the little ones. It was about 9:30am that I got a text from Ben. There was a photo of my buck. They had found him. He actually had only ran a little less than 200yds and fell. Have to say, I think I owe every bit of harvesting this buck to Rage Broadheads. They definately do their job. The footage of the doe should of left little doubt in my mind as to what a Rage can do, but after seeing what it did to my buck, I can honestly say I will never hunt with any other broadhead.

I quickly got Audrey & Briar bundled up and we were off to retrieve him and allow me to hold his rack in my hands. I was elated to say the least. A buck and a doe in one day after 7yrs. Some may say that my luck seems to be changing for the better. I prefer to belive that Pap-Pap had a hand in this gloriuos day.