I guess this story begins in October 2008. Ben and I were getting pictures of a ten point that looked to be a mature buck. I hunted for the big ten only seeing him a few times and every time he was out of range. I eventually harvested an eight point in late black powder season. Needless to say the big ten made it thru the 2008 season unharmed however I was unable to find either of his sheds.

Fast forward to early summer when we began scouting and filming. We saw numerous bucks and what we thought was the ten. We positioned a couple Reconyx cameras on mineral licks and it was confirmed that he was there.

We kept an eye on the ten as well as other bucks thru the summer with the Reconyx cameras and observations. We made a game plan on how to plant food plots on the farm taking into account wind direction, deer movement and stand sites. Three initial stands were put in and trimmed. Now all we could do was watch the Reconyx, observe, and wait.

Since we didn't have any clients that wanted to book till the last week of Oct, it allowed us ample time to hunt family owned farms that we have set aside from the outfitting business for personal & family use. With less than 3 weeks to hunt, time was definetly not on our side.

I decided to hunt a 12pt that we had scouted and my good friend Kenny offered to film for me the first opening day. It started with a light rain that turned into a downpour. We stuck it out hoping for the best but the 12 pt never showed himself. The first day was a bust for me but we were excited when we heard that Ben was able to harvest "Slammer".

With Ben tagged out he became my camera man and we were on a mission to get a buck harvested on film. I went the first four days hunting from a treestand then moved to a ground blind. In those few days, I only saw the 12pt I was after once. It was awesome footage, but he never came in close enough to give me shot at him. I did however have the chance at an 8pt on several occasions. After having a good look at the 12pt and 8pt we realized neither was fully mature, so we decided to go after a few other deer that we new were in the area. Hopefully, letting these two deer walk will pay off in a year or two.

Ben and I moved to one of the sets that we had previously hung during late summer in the front of one of my farms hoping to get a chance at either the 10pt we had been watching or an 8pt that was held up in the area. What a quest it turned out to be. Our first night in the tree, they came out into the field but just out of range. A few nights later we were back out there. This time I had my chance at the 10pt. He walked in and I let my arrow fly. He was 40yds out- or so I thought. I shot right under him. He ran off unharmed. It was windy that night, so we didn't think he knew what had happened. He just got spooked. Afterward I checked Ben's range finder and his said that where I had aimed was 48yds out. My range finder was off. This was Wednesday night.

Thursday night I was unable to get out. Friday, Ben and I did some careful consideration and decided to move our stands. Again I had the 10pt come in but there was a doe and a smaller buck with him and the wind changed on us for just a few minutes. The two other deer must have got a brief wind of us and spooked. My buck didn't seem to notice anything but went off with the others anyways.

Finally, after so much time spent chasing these deer, it was all about to pay off. We knew it would be a great night. The barometer was raising and there was a high pressure system coming in. Deer would be on their feet. It was Saturday, with only a few days left for me to be able to have the time to hunt and a few days before the soybeans were to be picked, we felt it was going to happen. Ben and I were in the stand for only a short while, when several does started coming out into the field. It wasn't long before we spotted the 10 coming through the woods from behind us. We lost sight of him for a short period while he was walking through the brush. We waited patiently but he never came out. We knew something was up and started desperatly searching for him through the brush. He was right under our tree!! He gradually walked out into the field and gave me a perfect broadside shot at 15 yards. I smoked him. All the work had paid off and we were at the end of a short blood trail with big smiles!

Thanks to Ben for all the help and being cameraman. Jarod Hawkins