My First Bow Deer

I had been begging for a bow for about 4 years when my husband, Dave, decided to finally surprise me last Valentine’s Day with my very own PSE X-Force. I know, most women wouldn’t think that was a very romantic gift, but it was exactly what I wanted! I was itching to learn how to use it and bugged Dave everyday after work to help me tweak my bow shooting abilities in our basement range (which was only about 15 yards long, but plenty long enough for a beginner). I got pretty good from that range and really wanted to try the bow out on a real animal. So we went to Florida where I harvested my very first animal in May of this year, a wild pig. I now had a taste of how exciting bow hunting could be and knew this wouldn’t be my last animal I took with my X-Force.

So fast forward a few months to summer 2009, close to where we live, we have a wonderful bow hunting club that has a league all summer long. You get to shoot 3D targets outside on a course that offers different yardages and at different angles, so it really helps you hone those bow hunting skills even more. Dave and I shot the course all summer long and I felt really good about how that bow and I were getting along. By the end of the summer I could boast being able to bulls eye a wiffle golf ball at 40 yards. I couldn’t wait for the deer season to begin.

October 1st rolled around and my husband didn’t really seem too interested in taking me out right away. I kept saying when are we going? His answer was when the weather is right. We got our first cold snap the week of October 5th and Dave and I talked about where to go. Being that I am 5 months pregnant, I am a bit limited on what trees I feel comfortable to climb, so we decided to start with a ground blind, which suited me just fine. We saw some does and a few younger bucks (which I decided to pass on being only my first night).

Second night was really cold, into the lower 30’s but the wind changed up on us and we didn’t see a thing until just as we were getting ready to leave. The big 9 pointer, I had saw pictures of was coming my way but it was getting dark in a hurry and by the time he made it within bow range, it was too dark to shoot him. But this encounter did teach Dave and me something being that I got buck fever so badly. We both felt that it might be beneficial for me to try for a doe next time, just to get a deer under my belt before going for that big buck.

So, last night we climbed up in a tree just off a large corn field. It was cold but not quite as cold as the night before, so it wasn’t so bad being in a tree. We were there an hour and a half and Dave said, mature doe coming my way. So I slowly got up, grabbed my X Force and clipped on my release to the bow. As I waited, I could hear her getting closer but couldn’t see her because Dave was in the way. As I saw her hoofs come into my sight I drew back. But she stopped and looked right at me, or so I thought. Her body was still behind the tree to me and I couldn’t get the shot off. She thought something was up and backed up and started walking away from us. So I let down my bow but didn’t put it away quite yet. Dave said not even a few seconds later, here she comes again. Again, I waited to see her hoofs on my side of the tree and drew back. This time she walked far enough before stopping that it gave me a perfect lane. I let the arrow fly and let the Rage do its job. I knew I hit her perfect and was so excited! We tracked her for a little ways and found her on the other side of the corn field.

For someone who has hunted with a muzzleloader or shotgun, this bow hunting experience proved to be so much more exciting and up close and personal that I could have ever expected. I can totally see why my husband loves to do this! Now hopefully I will get the chance to connect like that with a buck before the season is over!