October 9: Franky "Bub" Nation

As told by his Uncle Sergeant Major (ret) Glen Simpson

SITUATION: 10 October 2009, Kentucky, NNE winds at 6 M.P.H, 45 degrees

Seek-out and harvest an early season Kentucky whitetail during the youth gun season, without being detected and without mission failure!

EXECUTION: I’ve been looking forward to taking my nephew’s son hunting since this trip was planned back in the early summer! Little Franky A.K.A “Bub”, is no stranger to the woods as his father has taken him hunting since he was old enough to walk.

Though Bub has taken a doe with his slug gun he has been unable to capitalize on harvesting his first buck. That’s where I decided to help out the young man as the state of Kentucky offers a great opportunity for the youth of America to get out and enjoy a two day early gun weekend in October. I knew that if I could get them down to the Bluegrass state that I’d put him in my wife’s stand on our lease as we have had several bucks that would tickle him pink to harvest.

The weather started to look as if we were going to have to build an ark as it rained buckets the day before our scheduled opener. However, the good lord shined down and gave us the break we needed as it cleared up the next morning as we made our way into the deep timber. Arriving at the stand we decided to sit on the ground in lue of climbing up the wet 20 ft ladder stand in the dark. I don’t think Bub was ready for the Big Game ladder stand overlooking the big ravine, makes it seem a thousand feet in the air.

As the light of morning begun to pierce the heavy foliage my thoughts raced back to almost a year ago when my wife took her first buck not 10 yards from where we sat. Could this be another first? Could we pull this off and harvest a buck on the ground?

Well this was quickly answered as I looked over my shoulder to a buck that was feeding his way towards us at 100 yards. Announcing his arrival to Bub and his Dad we had to wait to see what the bucks’ next move was going to be as we were not only caught with our back exposed but the wind in his favor.

After seeing the buck feeding slowly on acorns I told them to move around the tree to their right in order to pull off a possible shot. Slowly moving each time the bucks head went down they finally made it around the tree. Bub settled the scope on his shoulder and pulled the trigger! The buck took it with full force and almost dropped in his tracks but had enough left in him to run off and fall over within 50 yards. First deer down for Team Lewis and with the expression on that little mans face my season was complete regardless of how the rest of the season goes!

Mission complete! Until next time… waiting for helicopter extraction and follow-on orders.