We were headed to Illinois for the first group hunt of Dream Season TV Celebrity, which is set to air on Outdoor Channel in July of 2010.  Lance Chapman and myself were super thrilled to finally get to hunt with our celebrity partner Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals!

After arriving at Hadley Creek Outfitters in Pike Co., IL all the teams had high expectations and we could not wait to get up a tree.  We saw several deer the next couple of days and then day two Lance was in the tree with Adam and they had a good encounter with a 150” ten pointer but with changing winds they could not seal the deal.  On day four Adam and I was excited about the mornings hunt, after we talked to our guide “Big Buck” Dave Plocher he said we needed a south wind to hunt the orchard stand and that is where we are going.  Adam and I hunted on the back side of this orchard the first evening and seen a lot of deer so both of us were pumped to go to this set.

After it had started to lighten up that morning we began to see deer movement.  We saw a few does and Adam was giving me an interview and he said here comes a buck. I started filming this buck and we both were locked in on him.  He was headed to an apple tree that had scrapes all around it and right before he got there he stopped and was looking towards us and after about a minute of him looking I lifted my head up from the camera and right under us stood a shooter buck!  So I whispered to Adam "there is a shooter" and he looked at me as if I were crazy because he thought I was talking about the other buck!  I said, "right under us", so he finally saw him and started to pick up his bow and the deer had started walking away.  By the time he came to full draw the buck went behind an apple tree and Adam held at full draw for about 2 minutes!  The buck finally stepped out and I gave Adam the green light and he dropped the hammer on him and ended the day with his best buck to date!

The trip to Hadley Creek was a great experience for me not only to hunt with Adam Wainwright but meet Tim Silvia, JW Hart and Aaron Lewis!  All the people there really made everyone feel very welcome and had some of the best food ever and not to forget Adam and I got to experience hunting in the Magic Orchard.

Louie Payne