Happy Halloween... 

I’ve been coming up to dad’s farm for the past couple of weekends trying to hit it at just the “right” time on his Northern Missouri farm. It seems like every season the bucks on his place start going crazy the last week of October. Based on what he and Mark were telling me I knew that I had to be there over the Halloween weekend to try and get it done. I came up Wednesday night after work and planned on staying all week or at least as long as dad would let me stay before he kicked me out of the bunkhouse!

We were hunting mornings and evenings and if you know anything about dad and Mark you know that if those two are sitting all day on their perspective farms….you better be too! I had a good day on Thursday with a couple of neat encounters, but I couldn’t find a cameraman to hunt with on Friday morning. Friday evening, with winds gusting at 40-50 miles an hour, Aaron Bennett’s brother Jeremy graciously offered to come film me and we had the best encounter I’ve ever been apart of! We had a mature 145-150 class main-frame eight point come in at the “Birthday Buck Stand” that Terry killed a deer on his birthday a few years back. He made a scrape on the edge of the Biologic Clover Plus and then hit up a licking branch. Being Jeremy’s first time filming with this particular camera he didn’t know that it had a 2 second delay when you hit record before it started rolling tape. He kept hitting the record button thinking it was messed up and unfortunately we couldn’t shoot at the buck when he was at 43 yards broadside. With winds gusting at 40 mph I didn’t want to risk that long of a shot anyways. He walked in the timber, which we have great footage of, and skirted us at about 60 yards then came back in to the field once he passed us at a “safe” distance. He definitely knew something was funky and as mature deer do he got the heck out of there! Either way, I knew that it was going to be a good weekend and that I HAD to be in a tree stand in the A.M.!

Saturday, Halloween morning, was a gorgeous day to be in the timber! Aaron Bennett offered to get up and film me that morning because dad finally had a chance to throw a RAGE tipped missile through an old brute of a buck the night before! 40+ days of hunting every day and Aaron still elected to get up instead of sleeping in…which I can’t thank him for enough!

We went to “Matt’s stand” (appropriately named because I killed my first bow buck there in 12 years last October) and had one of the best morning hunts I’ve ever had! We were running a little late that morning and as soon as we got in the Bad Boy Buggie Aaron reminded me that it was Missouri’s Youth Season and that we needed to have hunter’s orange on. We both pulled out our orange, but I didn’t have a hat. Luckily enough I had two different orange vests in my Scent Blocker pack so I put one on my back and I wrapped the other one around my hat. I looked ridiculous, but I was not going to go back to the bunkhouse and risk ruining my morning hunt because we got in the stand late. So complete with my new “vest hat” on head we were ready for the morning. Five minutes in we were covered in deer. We had 15-20 deer in and around us all morning. We had several young bucks chasing does and around 8 A.M. as I was looking to my right watching the latest set of does file through down wind (as they did all morning without batting an eye) Aaron said “shooter, shooter, shooter to the left!” I turned to the left and he was right on top of us! I grabbed my bow, drew back and asked Aaron if he was on him. He gave me the green light and my PSE Bow Madness sent the RAGE 2” blade sailing at less then 20 yards! I hit him further back then I would have liked, but knew that if we gave him time to expire it would be fine. It was tough to wait it out like that, but I knew that we had to be smart about the recovery and not let my anticipation get the best of me.

When we recovered my deer later that day it was a great feeling to say the least. It was my best bow buck to date and one that dad had on his “hit list” for me. His nickname was “Bumps” and dad had a ton of Reconyx pictures of him. He’s a main frame 8 Point and the video footage is a 10 as far as kills are concerned! Aaron did a great job and filmed 2 kills in 2 days.

It just figures that the morning in which I had to wear a “vest hat” that we had one of the best sits in my young hunting career! I guess it will just live on in infamy from here on out.

Thanks to all the camera guys who have helped out over the past month….Yapper, Comstock, John Williams, Jeremy Bennett and the Marine Aaron Bennett!

PS.  Happy Halloween!