Rain, wind, fog, and low pressure systems dominated our early season, and slowed deer movement to a crawl. We were beginning to get frustrated because we had expected to see more buck movement by this time of the season. We had been hunting day-in and day-out since September 15th, so a hint of desperation was starting to grip the air. On this particular farm, the last week during October is usually the best time to catch a shooter on the move, but the poor weather conditions had prevented us from hunting our favorite spots. We were missing our window of movement. 

Finally, we started to see a few nice bucks on their feet, but the weather still wasn't right. We were hit with 36 straight hours of rainfall and blustery winds. We thought it was never going to end! Finally, the rain tapered off, but the wind only grew stronger. The 40-50 mph winds caused us to question how well the deer would move. However, that wasn't going to stop us from climbing up in a tree!

Hoping to get out of the wind, we decided to hunt a low area. We also hoped the deer would have a similar idea. For three hours we held on for deer life (pun intended) as the wind rocked our tree back and forth. Needless to say, the movement was slow. In fact, we did not see a single deer all afternoon. The sun was sinking below the horizon. . .

As we sat clutching our stands, a huge-bodied buck suddenly appeared in the timber! He appeared to be on a mission, surely to check for estrus does in the bean field above us. As he emerged from the timber and onto the small grassy field, I gave a few blasts with my Buck Growl. It was so windy, we didn't know if he could hear the grunts! Next I gave him a couple long, deep buck growls. He snapped his head in our direction, then turned and headed right toward us. It was so windy I wasn't sure I would be able to shoot! When he stepped into a shooting lane, I let a Rage-tipped missile from my PSE zip right through him! The barrel chested brute bounded off into the timber and disappeared.

What a relief! After 45 days of hunting, we finally had a shooter on the ground!

We knew this buck very well, and had even had a few encounters with him earlier that week. We named him "Big Spindly" because of his huge body and spindly rack. We had numerous Reconyx pictures of this deer, and knew that he was the "top dog" in the area. His bull-like build and his aggressive attitude led us to believe that he was pushing other bucks out of the area. We estimated his field dressed weight to be between 220-230 pounds!