October 29: Carol Graham

Starting off my whitetail season this year was nothing like prior mid-west seasons I was accustomed to. Having to move back east for family obligations began my need to reinvent this year's season. With my Drury Team partner and cameraman Joe Gizdic (of Tall Tine Outfitters) back in Illinois and myself in NY, I was at a disadvantage.

Thankfully, Drury Team member Ben Rising of Ohio opened his Wolf Creek Outfitters for my first time hunting this state and Wolf Creek's managed land.

First few days I saw deer everyday and passed up some younger bucks. I'd held my bow at full draw on a doe for a long time, (typical me) only to have her bound away unscathed after a miss. Second to last morning I had a chance at a coyote and missed him as well, crushing my confidence.

As I tried to shake off my misses for the last night's hunt...sure enough further challenge came. I ran over a steel culvert covered by grass, that ripped a hole in my tire and was unsuccessful removing the seized spare from the under my truck. Knowing I had no choice but to buy a tire for the drive back to NY, I opted for a ride to the service station come next morning. It was then that Ben suggested I hunt that morning till the service station opened.

Next morning, with only 15 minutes left till my quit time, along came this buck trotting over the hill in front of us - making a line for my tree. He briefly paused before moving to the logging road 23 yards away where he stopped. With him slightly quartering away I delivered a shot that redeemed my confidence. The Rage went through both lungs and shattered the front leg. Once again assuring my minimal 48 pound draw weight with my PSE can deliver such a blow. This beautifully large bodied 9-pointer put my season's spotty start all behind me.

Further gratitude goes to Ben, his family, and his friends. My time in Ohio - with all its rolling terrain and timber in peak foliage - culminated to be a great hunt with great people.