October 29: Deanna Owen

It was during the summer we were on our way back from Bass Pro Shops and Rodney received a call form Mark Drury. Rodney then got off the phone and told me that he had been selected to hunt as part of the Dream Season Celebrity Show this year. Rodney and Doug Hampton were going to be hunting with JW Hart as Team Hart. I was really excited to hear Rodney was going to be part of the Dream Season this was something he has always wanted to be part of.

As the day went on he had asked if I would be interested in maybe hunting a couple of times to help support him and the team. I knew this meant I would have to purchase a PSE bow since I was pretty sure they wouldn’t let me shoot my hoyt bow. I did some research and decided that the PSE Super Short NI bow would be the one best for me. I liked the size and the fact that the draw length would go down short enough for me.

It was early in August when I received my bow in the mail. We decided to call the Bow Doctor ( Roscoe Van Ausdoll) at www.thebowdoctor.net. I had meet him last year at the Drury outdoors annual meeting as the PSE Representative who was setting up a lot of the Drury guys bows. He took the time to answer any questions I had about the PSE Bow, he even let me shoot the new bow that was coming out on the market in January of 2009 which was the PSE Super Short NI.

Rodney and I went down to his shop on that Friday evening that I had received my new bow in the mail. Roscoe looked everything over, changed the draw length to 24 inches and lowered the poundage down measured new arrows for me and he even suggested a Scott Release which I was able to try in his shop as well. It took him about an hour to get everything set just right for me so we could go outside and practice shooting it. He made sure I held my bow just right so I would not hit my forearm, which would leave a mark.
After about shooting 15 to 20 times my groupings had improved dramatically from what I had been shooting with my my old bow. I was sold.. I loved my new bow and couldn’t wait to get in the tree to shoot a deer.

Deer season opened up in the middle of September and I took some vacation time the first weekend that Archery season opened up in Missouri. Rodney had already been filming in Kansas so I had to schedule my time to hunt around his so we worked it out the second weekend Archery season was open in Missouri we would go down south to our family farm to hunt. It was still pretty hot out and the deer really were not out moving except during the dark. As long as the temperature was above 60 it really didn’t do much to go out. So we decided after Rodney got back from the dream season celebrity team hunt in October in Illinois we would take off and go back down to our family farm and hunt again. I always like hunting the week of Halloween, usually the temperature is awesome and the moon is just right. We ended up leaving on Thursday October 29th and were able to get in the timber Thursday evening I had been raining all morning and it had moved out for a few hours we had thought. We had been up in the tree for a couple of hours it was quite and nothing was moving before the rain set in again and then the only sound we heard was the rain falling on the golden leaves on the ground. Overall it was a pretty boring hunt not even the squirrels were out.

Friday morning we decided to go back into the timber to hunt the same spot we did Thursday night. We sat there all morning and didn’t see anything at all we were so bored be decided to get down about 9:30am. We were changing our tactic on where to hunt Friday evening. Since the deer were not moving in the timber we thought we would try our luck over an open hay field that we had frost seeded some clover plus earlier in the spring. The wind had picked up and was blowing about 30 miles and hour and going in all directions. But we didn’t figure it would hurt any since we had not seen anything yet. We got in the tree about 3:30pm and about 5:00pm we still hadn’t seen anything, I looked over at Rodney and was about to motion its time to go when I looked over in the direction Rodney was suppose to be watching and to my amazement there were two doe and on little buck coming out in the direction that Rodney said they probably wouldn’t come out from. Guess he doesn’t know it all… We waited for a little longer then the big buck came out from the same direction and he was walking along the edge of the field. Rodney asked if I had a call, which I didn’t, he then got into his backpack and got out his snort weeze and grunt call. He grunted a couple of times with no response from the buck, Rodney then decided to snort wheeze at the buck causing him to turn and walk towards our tree. The whole time the does and the little buck stayed directly below our tree stand, I guess spraying ourselves down with our sent eliminator paid off. Finally about 5:15pm he presented a shot and I took it. It looked like a perfect shot. He ran across the field and into the timber. But because we didn’t see him fall we decided to wait until the morning to look for him.

The next morning we got out to our stand about 7:30 am and started tracking from the last place we had seen him standing in the timber before it got dark. We were able to find blood where he was standing and we tracked blood for about 100 yards and then we couldn’t seem to find any more. My hopes were down and I was afraid we would not find him. We then finally picked up on some more blood further down the hill side and we then tracked him around the bluff down the embankment and finally to the creek. We now have been tracking him for about 2 hours. Once we crossed the creek the brush was getting thicker and harder to find blood. We then found were he laid back down which helped us find more blood and track him further. It appeared he was heading back towards the creek for more water. That was where we finally found him next to the creek.

I want to wish all a successful hunt and be careful out there.
DeAnna Owen